The where and how of UK Drip

Posted on 19/04/22

The emergence of 'UK drip'

In the rapidly evolving world of fashion the term UK drip has emerged. The idea of drip is one that is subjective, it enables one to piece garments together and create drippy outfits. UK drip can range from a multitude of brands. Most known include, Supreme, Rick Owens and Ed Hardy. Each designer produces a completely different aesthetic, yet all three still have the classification of drip. Establishing that there are no key attributes one needs to obtain to achieve this title, the past few years especially, individuals have capitalised off of some of the biggest designers and their aesthetics and built their own brand. Like; Corteiz, Trapstar and Protect Egor. All of which developed their pieces in recent years but formed a large audience worldwide.

When we look at the term UK drip, we’d assume that signifies brands and designers within the UK. However, it is evident that what we class as UK drip, isn't just made up of its home land designers, as it also seeps into UK fashion, from other countries. For example, going back to Supreme and Rick Owens. Both brands' designers are American, with Rick Owens, being predominantly a Paris based designer. Supreme (VP Corporation), Rick Owens (Richard Saturnino Owens). Suggesting that what we class as UK drip outfits may be formed from outside influences and not just ones of its own.

The influence of UK drip

One key feature within UK drip is the marketing. When we hone in on influencers and those who showcase and catapult brands net growth, it's evident that within the 21st century social media plays a major role in its distribution. From social media influencers, models, all the way to big named celebrities; with the help of micro influencers like Rubi Ward, Charlie Blunden and Miray Yurtseven, these brands are able to send out pieces of UK drip to them. It allows for growth for both participants, both the brand and influencer. Influencers receive a set payment, in return for a video or picture, showcasing the brand's clothing. One key element within this process is the use of hashtags. The hashtags; UK drip or drippy outfits, allows for creators and other individuals to be a part of a community. A subgroup that enables others to showcase their UK drip outfits.

One platform that has skyrocketed for the garments industry is Tik Tok. Tik Tok is a social media app which allows for its creators to showcase anything within their life. One of the most popular is people showcasing their outfits. The term UK drip is used a multitude of times through these videos. With each individual showcasing a contrasting aesthetic and not just brands like Rick Owens, Ed Hardy and Supreme. Demonstrating, that UK drip is once again subjective and non-conforming. The app has not only created a space for fashion fanatics but more so a foundation for young designers to display their work and gain a wider audience internationally. Which is evident when looking at the designers and their ‘drip’ that was built outside the UK. For example, BAPE. BAPE is a Japanese brand, most known for its Ape emblem on its pieces. One item in particular which put the UK into a chokehold, was their Shark, full zip-up hoodie. The hoodie seeped its way into the UK drip scene in 2018 and was one of the must haves then for drippy outfits.

The culture of UK drip

UK drip is something that is so broad that many garments hold the title. With trends forever changing and resurfacing, items will lose and regain their title, it's something that is inevitable. Similarly, UK drip is a term that will forever stain our vocabulary. As trends come and go, designers surface and influencers keep being influential. Brands and designers will forever mould into this subcategory, allowing for its audience to be introduced to new and upcoming pieces, and be informed and shown old ones.

The brands of UK drip

As before UK drip is so board in style and trends it's forever changing, but some of the brands that are currently considered UK drip are...

BAPE - A Japanese brand, most known for its Ape emblem on its pieces.

Rick Owens - An American-born, Paris-based designer whose ground-breaking collections have earned him the nickname The Lord of Darkness.

Corteiz - A new kind of modern streetwear brand that is keen to set itself apart from the other players.

Trapstar - A London based streetwear and lifestyle brand.

Drama Call - Having captured its home city’s music community, Manchester-based Drama Call has touched base from Harlem to London.

Last Pick - Embarking on a mission to create high-quality garments that withstand the test of time

Soho Yacht Club - Soho's exclusive venues and unique subcultures thriving within the central London district are informing their fashion.

Gramm - Featuring neon colours and bold graphics, the label’s signature aesthetic is an ode to the unique style of Manchester both past and present.

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By Ethan Clemmitt

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