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How Does UK Parcel Forwarding Work?

1. You create a free account

Sign up for your free account and get your UK postal address instantly

2. You shop with your UK address

Order online at UK and Euro­pean retail­ers and enter your For­ward­Via UK deliv­ery address at checkout

3. We notify you when your goods arrive

You choose option­al ship­ping ser­vices like repack and com­bine, and select from choice of ship­ping Carriers

4. We ship to you

Once you’ve cho­sen your ship­ping Car­ri­er, make pay­ment, and we ship it to you worldwide

5 great reasons to use Forwardvia's UK Parcel Forwarding

  • If the UK and Euro­pean online stores do not deliv­er to your Inter­na­tion­al address

  • If stores do not accept your card payment

  • Access to the best qual­i­ty British and Euro­pean goods not avail­able in your country

  • Free UK address for you to shop and free storage 

  • If you want to save on ship­ping cost by com­bin­ing mul­ti­ple pack­ages and ship in one box

  • We pro­vide a free UK address for you to shop and let For­ward­Via ship from the UK to your door any­where in the world.

No Sign Up Fee

Register for free, no credit card and get free UK address instantly to shop and ship outside the UK

Free storage

30 days free storage, or 60 days for Premium member if shipping

Combine and save

Combine multiple packages and save up to 80% on shipping cost

No Surprise Fees

All prices are clearly listed. We provide quote for any services not listed. It is then your choice to proceed

Shopping assistance

Let us shop for you using our Assisted Purchase service and then arrange to ship to you


Trusted and Reliable

No nonsense forwarder. We treat your goods with the same care as our own.


Buy from any top shops in the UK/Europe. Some examples:

Here to help. ForwardVia is a UK trusted reshipper who cares

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Enter your destination to get a quick estimate on the costs to post from the UK to you.

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