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At For­ward­Via, we take utmost care of your goods, we’re extreme­ly flex­i­ble and work close­ly with you to get your goods to you. After receiv­ing your goods, the pack­ages are logged, stored secure­ly and we send you a noti­fi­ca­tion about pack­age arrival. In prepa­ra­tion to ship your pack­age, we offer a range of option­al ser­vices should you need it before we ship out:

  • Con­sol­i­da­tion of mul­ti­ple pack­ages into one or more
  • Pho­tos of the package
  • Repack­age into small­er vol­ume or bet­ter pro­tec­tive packaging
  • Con­tents inspection
  • Prod­uct testing

Our Services


We can combine multiple packages into one or more boxes for shipping


Shipping Insurance

Protect your goods in the event of loss or damage in transit. Free standard insurance cover of up to £50 is included


Pre Shipping Photo

We can take photos of your package which can help you to identify what was delivered



Change your mind? Didn't like what you've ordered? Duplicate orders? No problem, let us know and we can return it to the sender



Packages arrive at our warehouse are stored for 30 days without additional cost for onward shipping


Special Requests

Anything else not listed, no problem. You can request a no obligation quote for a special request

Special Requests

  • Spe­cial Request is any oth­er requests not list­ed you would like us to pro­vide. You request it, we pro­vide a no oblig­a­tion quote and you decide to pro­ceed or not. This may include:

  • Detail inspec­tion of the con­tents accord­ing to your instructions

  • Test prod­uct to ensure that it works before shipping

  • Repack­age frag­ile goods with bet­ter pro­tec­tive packaging

  • Split con­tents into mul­ti­ple packages

  • Chilled pack­ag­ing to keep con­tents cool when in tran­sit espe­cial­ly to hot countries

UK Grocery Shipping

  • Don’t pay over the top price buy­ing from expat store! You can now pur­chase at low price direct­ly from any UK super­mar­kets and gro­cery stores. Sim­ply use For­ward­Vi­a’s UK address, we receive, pack it and ship secure­ly to you worldwide.

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Furniture and Large Packages Shipping

  • For­ward­Via ship fur­ni­ture and large pack­ages up to 500 kg in vol­u­met­ric weight. This can be flat packed fur­ni­ture, arm­chair, car parts, musi­cal instru­ments, machiner­ies and many more. We can repack it or put it on pal­let for ship­ping to world­wide destinations.

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Pallet Shipping

  • We pro­vide pal­let ship­ping from the UK. You can shop using our UK address and send to us your large frag­ile goods, odd and heavy items, or mul­ti­ple large pack­ages, For­ward­Via care­ful­ly pack, strap it onto a pal­let and ship it secure­ly via DHL Express, FedEx or Air Freight.

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Dangerous Goods Shipping

  • For­ward­Via is cer­ti­fied to ship dan­ger­ous goods from the UK to world­wide des­ti­na­tions. Due to the harzardous nature of the goods, it can only be shipped under strict reg­u­la­tions. Some of the com­mon dan­ger­ous goods are per­fume, fra­grance, aerosol spray, bat­ter­ies, air bags, lighters.

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