Prada necklace, fanny pack, puffer jacket — more than just bags

Posted on 20/04/22

Prada- what's in the name

Prada brothers Mario and Martino founded Prada in 1913. It started off as a leather goods store named Fratelli Prada, which means Prada brothers in Italian. Initially, the shop sold animal goods and imported English steamer trunks and handbags. What started as a business selling leather bags, evolved over the years. For over 100 years, Prada has designed and sold beautifully crafted and ingenious handbags, clothes, shoes, perfumes, eyewear and accessories for women, men, and now children. In 2007, Prada even produced mobile phones with LG Electronics. Prada today has become synonymous with luxury goods and never fails to disappoint. You can get Prada necklace, fanny pack, and even a puffer jacket, and so much more to choose from.

Prada necklace, fanny pack, puffer jacket, what else can I buy from Prada ?

Headbands, hairclips and scrunchies are not new inventions but it is the designs and quality and of course the name it bears that will make heads turn. Check out their nylon headbands & scrunchies, leather & metal hair clips, sequin and satin headbands and their unique brass hair clip at Prada headbands and luxury hair accessories.

Every girl loves a good luxury hand bag or two. But when travelling (and partying!) where 2 free hands are far better than one, belt bags or better known as fanny packs have become quite a fashion statement. If you after some simple classy belt bags ( or Prada fanny packs) then check our Prada Belt Bags.

It is a known fact that it is really hard and rather restricted to buy gifts for males. So, instead of just getting another T-shirt, why not invest in good quality T-shirts for your loved ones? Check out Prada T-shirt and Polo Shirts for short and long sleeves cotton T-shirts.

Coats and jackets are just as much a fashion statement than what you wear underneath. Wrap up in style in light rain jackets, cropped jackets, over sized jackets, bomber jackets, Prada puffer jackets, cashmere down jackets, shiny nylon jacket, down coats or puffer coats. What is your style? Have a look at Prada Outerwear to get some

Comfort, style and luxury all rolled into one when you put on Prada's foot wear. Whether it's men's or women's, Prada has some amazing yet stylish loafers and leather shoes to choose from. Don't believe me? Check out Prada Men's Loafers and Prada Women's Loafers.

Now, one can't associate their name to 'luxury goods' without actually having the main luxury goods to their name - jewelry! Prada focuses their design around their logo. Simple yet sophisticated, you can find bracelets, Prada necklaces and earrings ( clip ons too!) Just something different that you won't find on the high street, check out Prada Women Jewelry and Men's Jewelry.

*This is an independent piece and is not affiliated or associated to Prada in anyway.

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