Is Glossier cruelty free?

Posted on 24/05/22

Glossier, was founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss who was first a beauty blogger of Into the Gloss before becoming the founder and CEO of Glossier. Glossier was launched with only 4 products; a face moisturiser, face mist, skin tint and lip balm, where sales were only done online. Glossier is now a billion dollar company and employs more than 200 employees. Most importantly, is Glossier cruelty free ?

So, is Glossier cruelty free?

Glossier prides itself on ‘skin first, make up second’ meaning a no make up, make up look. Their focus on low coverage but healthy look products have changed the beauty perception of how one should look. It’s about natural beauty more than covering up ‘flaws’. Followers and users of Glossier products will be glad to know that Glossier has been certified as cruelty free by Leaping Bunny (an internationally recognised certification body for cruelty-free companies).

What does Glossier certified cruelty free mean?

So, what does it mean by Glossier is certified as a cruelty free company? Cruelty-free products should be free from animal testing at all phases of product development. However, ‘cruelty-free’ doesn’t have an official or legal definition, so it can mean different things to different people. To ensure that you are buying a cruelty free product, look out for the ‘bunny’ sign on the package.

Even though Glossier is cruelty free, it is not 100% vegan. There are however a few products that do not contain any animal derived ingredients such as Generation G Lipstick, Perfecting Skin Tint and the ever famous Instagram Lip Gloss.

What other brands besides Glossier is cruelty free?

There are also other products that are cruelty free in the market. The fastest and easiest way to know whether a product is cruelty-free is by looking for a certified cruelty-free bunny logo on product packaging. You can find it on the back of the product packaging. However, make sure you’re looking for one of the 3 official cruelty-free bunny logos (Leaping Bunny, Choose Cruelty Free, and PETA).

These are some brands that are cruelty free besides Glossier :

100% PURE - Is committed to producing the purest, healthiest products and educating everyone on why being 100% PURE™ is so important.

AESOP - Offers skin, hair and body care formulations created with meticulous attention to detail, and with efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind. (V)

AFRICAN BOTANICS - Inspired by the vast biodiversity of the landscape; their bespoke formulations are a celebration of these potent raw materials. (V)

BARRY M - If bold, innovative, standout colours were your thing – whether you were a Goth, New Romantic, Punk or simply just love makeup, Barry M is your go to place. (V)

BKIND - Their mission is to provide high quality products that are not tested on animals and are completely safe for the environment. Products are plant-based and made from natural ingredients. (V)

CLEAN - Each and every fragrance is formulated with the finest ingredients. Whether it’s sustainably sourced or tried-and-true synthetics, they always put their customers and the environment first. (V)

ECO MINERALS -Products are 100% pure and natural and give an absolutely flawless finish on the skin - all whilst being gentle and protecting skin from the sun. Customers are all ages and eco minerals suits all skin types including sensitive, oily, mature, dry and normal.

EO PRODUCTS - An essential collection of bath, body, skin, and hair care products made with active botanicals and always scented with pure essential oils.

HABIT COSMETICS - Clean beauty for colourful people. Toxin- free, guilt-free ,fun and easy make up. (V)

MEOW MEOW TWEET - Positively natural vegan skin care; made with spirit. (V)

OSEA - Clean vegan skincare and body care since 1996. (V)

OZN - Cold processed skin care products. (V)

PAI SKINCARE - Made by sensitive skin experts for people with sensitive skin. (V)

PHB ETHICAL BEAUTY - A pioneering family-run company with a revolutionary range of ethical beauty products that you will love! (V)

RAHUA - Self wellness is a journey that begins with respecting the earth. All Rahua products are made with Organic, Natural, Pure Plant Derived Ingredients. (V)

RIVER ORGANICS - A line of zero waste vegan makeup products in eco-friendly paper packaging. (V)

SWEET LEILANI COSMETICS - a plant powered skincare line with ingredients backed by science and supported by sustainability. (V)

TAN-LUXE - Skincare meets self-tan. Shop for self-tan drops, water, mousse & lotion. (V)

DOLMA FRAGRANCES - Vegan & cruelty free perfumes, aftershaves and candles. (V)

BLEACH LONDON - Shop vegan, cruelty free hair products. Discover Bleach Blonde, Balayage & Bright Colours. (V)

B.COSMETICS - B. makeup by Superdrug is a range of high-quality, vegan friendly and cruelty free beauty products. (V)

How do I get Glossier or other cruelty free products from the UK?

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