The Puffer Jacket

Posted on 08/06/22

What is a Puffer Jacket ?

Puffer jacket is a warm waist length or hip length coat with the pattern of stitched sections filled with insulation to give it that “puffy” look. It is usually filled with soft material sewn into sections. Most commonly filled with synthetic fibers, some are also filled with down insulation; both of which can provide a high level of warmth depending on how well they are made and the quality of the synthetic fibers. The key difference is the insulation. While puffer jackets filled with down insulation may be considered warmer, good quality puffer jackets made from synthetic fibers can provide the same benefits as down in terms of warmth while also allowing for wet conditions.

Do you need a Puffer Jacket?

A puffer jacket is an essential in anyone's wardrobe. Whether it's for a walk in the rain, or the final piece to your Instagrammable outfit. With there being so many options available, all different ranges in prices, the puffer jacket is accessible to the masses. You have online shops like PLT and Asos, that have puffer jackets available for a lower price, with the maximum price set at £30 GBP. Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, you have shops like Flannels and Selfridges that showcase puffer jackets from Moncler, Stone Island and Canada Goose which ranges from around £500 - £900 GBP, more targeted towards those in a different tax bracket. As some may believe £900 for a jacket is absolutely absurd.

Are Puffer Jackets in trend?

Honing in on one puffer jacket more specifically that took online sales to a storm, we have The North Face 700 Nupste Jacket. The North Face Nupste is a jacket that has been around for years since 1992, yet was only ever really used for its main purpose. The brown North Face puffer jacket in particular hit extreme sales in 2020, when Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing hers, strolling around Paris. Resulting in youngsters rummaging through their parents' wardrobes and cupboards, and placing them on as many online shops as possible. Depop, in particular, is one that was infused with a range of colours, sizes and quality. Have a look at our blog about Depop.

However, one of the biggest flaws of the Nupste puffer sellers was their price point. With most ranging from £600-£700, and even some set at over a thousand pounds. This seems extremely absurd, due to The North Face’s original selling point, which was no more than £250. Making individuals examine whether or not the puffer jacket was actually worth its price.

One social media platform in particular that elevated the puffer jacket and its sales across not only the UK but the world, is Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform that has been around since 2010 and had a major impact on puffer jacket sales and bringing a large amount of exposure to them and possible ways to style them. Individuals are able to like, save and add images to folders, which best suit them, e.g. ‘Outfit Inspo’, ‘Summer Outfits’ etc. It enables them to create their own little digital closet. Especially with The North Face puffer jacket, it was estimated that over a thousand images have been uploaded and even more saved to individual’s folders. Forcing a further reach for the puffer jacket and heightening its sales throughout the world.

How to get your latest Puffer Jacket

To conclude, the puffer jacket is one that will come in and out of trend over the years. Regardless of its initial use it was made for, social media platforms, online selling sites and influencers will push their reach, likes and sales. Whether or not you need a puffer jacket, it’s one thing that appears on peoples wish lists at one point or another. It is a trend that will one day be dated and fashionable the next and a product that is more secular than linear.

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By Ethan Clemmitt

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