Stacked jeans are THE look of 2023

Posted on 24/01/23


Rise of stacked jeans

Moving into 2023 we all want to know what the next fashion curves look like. Starting to catch the eyes of many fashion esters at the end of 2022, was the idea of stacking your jeans i.e., stacked jeans. Stacking is a look that's been made fashion-forward by today's music industry. Stacked jeans are cut extra long and tapered from the knee down to the ankle so that the excess fabric will be allowed to stack on top of itself and create the coveted stacked effect.

In the early 2010’s the fad of rolling up the cuffs of one’s jeans was all the rage with the movement of the ‘hipster’. This quickly become unpopular and now the opposite of stacked jeans has arisen. This fluctuation is common for trends in the fashion world, as pioneering trends often come from the rebel of the mainstream. As rolled-up cuffs got more and more common, they went from the fashionable to the mainstream, resulting in the opposite of stacked jeans becoming the unique and fashionable trend. The question is, how long will this trend last before it becomes the mainstream and history repeats itself.

How to wear stacked jeans

Stacking your jeans is the simplest way to wear jeans, just let the jean fabric bunch up above the shoes to the knee. This used to be seen as lazy, but the Hip-Hop music industry has made it very popular. To get the extra fabric to stack, you can either buy, stacked jeans that are purposely designed with extra length on the leg or buy straight-fitted jeans a couple of leg length sizes bigger. For example, if your usual size is 30”-30” then buy 30”-32” or 30”-34”. With this extra denim, you can bunch the trouser up your lower leg. Some people even go one step further and cut slits up the seams of the jeans about an inch or so. This lets the bottom of the jeans fall and lay over the shoe.

Styling stacked jeans

Stacked jeans can be styled and paired with various outfits and can easily be dressed up or look simple and casual. Stacked jeans originate from Black Culture becoming popular with Rap artists like Travis Scott, Future and Playboi Carti. The Hip-Hop music scene has propelled stacked jeans into the spotlight and they are now a staple in urban streetwear fashion.

Looking for outfit inspiration can be quite tricky when trying to find the right vibe. Instagram is always a good place to start. Accounts like @all.streetwear & @streetwearmoods are full of outfits that highly feature stacked jeans. You could even just search #StackedJeans and scroll through the endless posts, and the same works on other photo posting apps like Pinterest. Pinterest is brilliant for fashion, Simply enter stacked jeans into the search bar and suddenly thousands upon thousands of images, outfits and clothing inspo appear on your feed. Once you find an outfit you like the look of, start styling your garments to get your desired look.


Get stacked and Valabasas jeans from the UK

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UK Stores to get stacked jeans and Valabasas jeans


Specialising in jeans, Valabasas jeans are highly renowned for their drippy stacked jeans. Valabasas jeans owner and designer says “Every pair of Valabasas jeans are more than just a pair of jeans, they’re a promise that you'll be satisfied with the feel, detail and quality of every pair”.


SHEIN is a global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all. Multiple choices of brands and collections. SHEIN have budget and midrange products available in all areas of fashion, stacked jeans included.


More than 500 items under their jeans category. Zalando is one of the biggest European online retailers of shoes, fashion and beauty. Offering brands like; Levis, Carhartt, Dickies, Karl Kani and loads more, Zalando has such a massive range of fashion and stacked jeans, the choice is endless.


With 50+ stores all across the UK, Flannels is one of the most exciting players in the industry. Stocking the biggest names in luxury fashion, as well as an evolving roster of new and emerging labels, Flannels is a super-inclusive, multi-category retailer that has a massive range of jean bottoms.


The most downloaded premium fashion app in the world. Lyst has over 8 million products available from multiple leading fashion brands. Staying with the times, Lyst has a huge collection of stacked jeans and stacked trousers of different kinds from over 40 brands. Download Lyst and start shopping now.

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