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Posted on 06/01/23

Off White Sunglasses in demand

The demand for Off White sunglasses is extreme to say the least. Launching back in 2021 with the announcement of Off White’s first collection of full sunglasses and eyewear. The collection was described as “genderless, avant-garde and bold” and features shapes and silhouettes fitting with Off White’s graphic code “architectural linearity and of the moment aesthetics.” Since the first launch, Off White has continually added new styles to the collection to keep up with demand.

Being so sought-after Off White sunglasses have become harder to find on store shelves. As an international brand and fashion front-runner, Off White are present on the internet and can be shopped online from anywhere in the world. So, if they're not available where you are, then think about shopping for Off White sunglasses online from the UK. Forwardvia can help with this.

Off White sunglasses' popularity

When the late Virgil Abloh launched Off White, he described it as an exploration of the ‘grey area between black and white’. First founded as "PYREX VISION" in the Italian city of Milan in 2012, Abloh then rebranded the company to, what it is known as now, Off White. Since then, Off White has risen in popularity at a rapid pace, collaborating with household brands including Nike, Levi's, Jimmy Choo, IKEA and Evian. Off White is now one of the leading streetwear fashion brands of all time.

The launch of the first sunglasses collection was an instant hit amongst celebrities and influencers. Notably seen worn by Bella Hadid, Kayne West, J. Lo, Hailey Bieber and other A-listers and fashion icons. Off White Sunglasses quickly gained high-end claim and became hugely desirable in fashion. The brand got worldwide recognition in such a short period that it pioneered the rise and success of the luxury streetwear fashion market.

The collection of Off White sunglasses

Over 70 shapes and styles make up the Off White sunglasses collection. From thick frames to frameless classics, all instantly recognisable and Off White, the choices are endless. Here are a few of the most popular choices to look at to get the ideas flowing.


A vintage 80s style silhouette. Strong square and boxy full-framed glasses, reminiscent in shape of classic red and Blue 3D glasses with bold thick frames and sharp corners. Available in black, clear and classic tortoiseshell frames.


Classic cat-eye framed glasses evoking a 60s look. Soft frames that come to a sharp point on the outside of the face. Gustav come in a choice of brown, black and cream.


A unique thin metal framed style with multiple cut outs around the edges of the lenses. Off Whites most interesting sunglasses look that will definitely turn heads. A bold look with seemingly bolder colours as the Salvador's are also available with yellow tinted lenses.


Bold colours from blues to greens, Francisco's main feature is the colours. The frames and thick arms are all one solid colour, except for a thin white double band that runs around the lenses, creating an awesome statement. Classic square shape with rounded corners.


Soft rectangular-frame sunglasses. Similar silhouette to its sister Gustav but with more relaxed rounded edges. Calling back to the 50s/60s this classic look will pair with any outfit. Available in either black frames or tortoiseshell frames.


Looking back to the 70s, the Atlantic shape takes inspiration from the classic construction system. This style embraces the brand’s playful roots. Squared acetate-frame sunglasses are available in blue and black. The Atlantic’s are an Off White collector’s item.


The Zurich frames are the Off White take on a classic shape. The architectural build remains true to the brand’s DNA and the result is a sleek and easy-to-wear pair of sunglasses. Squared frames in black, clear and classic tortoiseshell. The Zurich’s are an Off White collector’s item.


For people who want to make a statement, the Carrara sunglasses feature an oversize shape and thick arms complete with the ivy leaves motif. The vibe is vintage but undoubtedly Off-White. Think round frames in two choices of metal or tortoiseshell. The Carrara’s are an Off White collector’s item.

Off White sunglasses available here

If you’re finding it hard to get your hands on a pair of Off White sunglasses, they are available at a number of UK online stores. Simply sign up to Forwardvia for free to receive a UK postal address you can use at any UK online checkout. With Forwardvia you can then order international shipping of your purchases. It’s so quick and easy to shop from the UK. Here is a list of online UK sites to find and purchase Off White sunglasses.

Off White UK

The official United Kingdom Off White site has the whole range of Off White sunglasses. The First place to have the latest styles and updated collections. As well as all of Off White’s products available to pair your sunglasses with.

Farfetch UK

A massive range of sunglasses are available at Farfetch. Being one of the first brands to sell Off White sunglasses alongside Off White itself, you’ll find the exact style you are looking for. ‘Marfa’, ‘Manchester’, ‘Alps’, Farfetch has got them all.

Mister Spex

A store with the mission to ‘empower & inspire people to wear glasses with joy and confidence’. Mister Spex customers have access to an extensive range of over 100 attractive premium and luxury brands including Off White. Order the pair your desire with their ever-expanding range of Off White sunglasses.

Shade Station

The UK's largest independent online sunglasses and watch retailer. Due to the fast paced and ever evolving nature of the style industry, Shade Station is constantly reviewing the latest trends, styles and brands and updating its collections accordingly. A handful Off White sunglasses are available at Shade Station at a reasonable rate.

Lyst UK

For over 160 million annual shoppers, Lyst offer the most comprehensive range of products from 17,000 of the world’s leading brands and stores. With over 600 items within their Off White collection, Lyst UK will provide the Off White Sunglasses you are looking for.

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