What is and where to buy colorful phone cases?

Posted on 11/11/22

Do you want to jazz up your phone? The ideal way for you to do that is to get a cool new phone case.

Phone cases are evolving and becoming more innovative. While phone cases protect your phones from marks and scratches, they are also decorative accessories. You can glamorise your phone with protective cases as they now come in a variety of different colours and styles to suit your personality and fashion preferences.

Let's find out more about colorful phone cases and where to buy them.

But first, what are Phone Cases?

Phone cases refer to the protective shells that you attach to the sides and back of your smartphone. They come in a number of shapes and materials, and the primary goal of using these cases is to lessen drop damage.

Some phone covers are only decorative items. But those will shield your phone's back and sides from all types of impacts, and some will even offer water damage protection. Even environmentally friendly phone cases are also available that are made of bioplastics.

The first phone covers were made of inexpensive plastic or rubber and had a uniform appearance. They protected the phone and performed no other function. Smartphones offer a tonne more functions than older mobile phones, allowing you to do more than make calls and send SMS messages.

However, as mobile phone technology advanced, the gadget gradually changed from a functional item into a stylish piece (and sometimes, a status symbol, too). Phone covers have now adapted to these modifications.

Types of Phone Cases

Here are some types of phone cases you can choose from:

Wallet Case - Wallet phone cases offer an unmatched carrying experience, allowing you to carry your smartphone safely and store your essentials like ID, cards, and cash as well. These phone cases come in a variety of different colors and designs. So, whether you’re looking for a classy phone case, aesthetic phone case, geometric phone case, or floral phone case, you can get just about any design in a wallet phone case.

Back Case - Back cases for phones, including transparent phone cases, silicone phone cases, fabric phone cases, and tough cases, are also available. Do you like simple phone cases? Then you'll love transparent phone cases. Some of these cases come with cool white and grey squares that look simple and elegant. A good thing about transparent phone cases is that you can jazz them up anytime you want with stickers, and you won’t even have to buy a new phone case.

But you can also get colorful fabric phone cases with the cutest designs and unique styles. Fabric phone cases can also be customised, as most of them are handmade. Also, if you're looking for a more durable option and extra-tough design, then tough phone cases are perfect for you.

Pouch Case - Pouch phone cases protect your phone from scratches, damage, and even food spills. If you’re clumsy and drop your phone a lot, then it’s better to get a pouch case. This phone case will absorb the shock when you accidentally drop your phone, thereby lessening the damage.

Bumper Case - Do you want a phone case that offers ultimate protection without making your phone too bulky?

Then get a bumper case for your smartphone. These are simple and lightweight cases made of shock-absorbing materials. However, bumper cases protect the phone's sides, leaving the front and back unprotected. You can find bumper cases in a wide range of colours.

Armband Case - Armband cases are ideal for people who excercise, walk or run frequently. These phone cases come in various sizes, and you can easily find the one that fits your phone. Armband phone cases act as phone holders during workouts or running and allow you to easily access your phone's screen through a clear plastic window.

Colorful Phone Cases and the Materials

Different materials can be used to make colorful phone cases.

Silicone - Silicon is a naturally occurring substance found in sand and quartz that is combined with petroleum chemicals to create the soft, flexible polymer known as silicone. These phone cases are smooth and soft but sometimes feel tacky to the touch. However, they grip the phone perfectly without sliding away.

Plastic - Plastic phone cases are made of PC or polycarbonate. They're pretty affordable, lightweight and easy to customize or decorate. But these phone cases offer only limited protection.

Carbon Fibre - Carbon fibre phone cases are a fantastic option if you want a case that looks futuristic, is more vital than steel and weighs almost nothing. Carbon fibre is a material with high tensile strength, stiffness, temperature tolerance, and low weight.

Leather - Compared to other types of cases, leather and synthetic cases offer excellent texture. A leather case typically includes an additional layer to keep your necessary items, such as credit cards (combining case functionality with a basic wallet). Genuine leather, which is more expensive, created from cow and other animal hides, or synthetic leather, made from various plastics, are the two options.

UK Stores That Sell Colorful Phone Cases

If you want to know the best online stores to buy colorful phone cases in the UK, then you're already at the right place. You'll find several different websites that claim to sell high-quality phone cases, but in reality, they might not match your expectations.

So, instead of regretting buying a poor-quality phone case, it’s better to look for a new phone case at the right online stores that sell high-quality products.

To make the task easier for you, we're listing down the best online UK stores you can visit to get new phone cases in a variety of colours, styles, and materials.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up free to get UK address from ForwardVia.com and get your new phone case today and jazz up your phone.

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