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Posted on 16/02/23


Launching in 2020 during a pandemic, Halara is a female-founded clothing company based entirely online. Halara has a feminine eye for detail and their mission is “to build up and inspire health and wellness through those self-embracing moments with the spirit of being yourself, being unique, being original and being beautiful”. A Halara dress is as functional as it is stylish. Ready to support you in intense activities such as tennis or boxing, but they’re also comfortable and stylish for lounging or going out with friends.

Halara’s “Play it My Way” tagline pushes an encouragement to do it the way you believe, to be who you want to be, to trust in your decisions, to pursue your aspirations, and to have confidence in whatever it is that you do. This is “the Halara way” and the positive message that the brand is inspiring to promote and spread.

Choosing a Halara dress

There are so many different options available for a Halara dress. Specialising in manufacturing sportswear, loungewear, LBDs and everything in between. So here is a rundown of Halara’s collections of dresses.

Cloudful dresses

The Cloudful collection is a Halara dress made of their very own Cloudful fabric. The material is a purpose made for women’s sports clothing. It's designed to wear during a set of tennis, a round of golf or a lap on the track. The Cloudful Halara dress has great mobility and flows without subtracting from the look in anyway. Over 93% of customers agree that the Cloudful fabric has perfect stretch, is soft to the touch, helps accentuate curves and has great stability. A perfect Halara dress choice for any sporting scenario.

Wannabe dresses

Having a built-in bra and shorts with pockets on both sides, the Wannabe Halara dress has the look of a dress but has the practicalities you need when partaking in fast pace sports. The Wannabe Halara dress collection is also great for casual use. Having pockets on both sides of the built-in shorts, under the skirt, just makes life so much easier. A perfect name for a garment that gives an impressive illusion, while being comfortable all at the same time.

Party dresses

Casual fashion, suitable whenever, wherever. Over 100 dresses within the line-up. Halara’s Party dresses range in styles and looks. Whether you are looking for a Halara dress to wear on a date night, a formal meeting or hitting the town with the girls, their party dresses are designed for those with a glamorous way of life.

Everyday dresses

If you are looking for a Halara dress to wear to run errands or to go out for a coffee in. Then a Halara dress from their Everyday collection will be your best bet. The Everyday Halara dresses do what they say in the title. They’re perfectly suitable, comfortable dresses to wear on a busy day, every day.

Similar to a Halara dress

If a Halara dress is not exactly what you are looking for, many other online UK stores specialise in dresses and sportswear. The gym and fitness fashion world has exploded in recent years, with various styles, cuts and choices becoming more accessible and desirable. You could keep it stylish with a branded two-piece set or stick to a quality unbranded option while making sure it is still just as comfortable and practical. Here are a few other options similar to a Halara dress to start looking with.


ASOS is one of the world’s biggest, if not the biggest, online retailer for women’s garments. Endless choices in every category of clothing, from branded wear to high-quality budget options. It is worth a look to find an alternative to a Halara dress. The ASOS collection is an amazing substitute for a Halara dress, they are similar in price and still of fantastic quality.

JD Sports

An absolute UK high street A-lister that stocks all the classic sports brands; Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, etc. With a huge range of women’s products from all these quality brands. You can get all your sporting needs from JD Sports. A great alternative when looking for a Halara dress or any gym wear. JD Sport is also a massive competitor in the footwear scene, which is always a bonus, so you can shop for a new pair of sneakers at the same time.

Sports Direct

“, UK's number one!” And there is no denying it. It is the biggest sports retailer in the UK. Stocking every sport and clothing brand you can think of, with everything from shoes and clothes to gym and sports equipment. They have a huge selection of women’s clothing and sporting attire. You will find everything you need at Sports Direct if a Halara dress isn’t quite right.

Get a Halara dress from the UK

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