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Posted on 06/06/20

Some say that the pandemic has done Mother Nature some good.... fresher air with less pollution from factories being shut and less vehicles being used. Even rivers and oceans have had a 'detox' from human and is crystal clear once more!

From a more personal experience, my mind have had a 'detox' from the hustle bustle of a very busy life before lockdown. And as I took a step back, I did the same with my skin care, keep it bare minimum and it has been the best 'detox' for my skin over the last 10 weeks. Occasional face masks and face cream was all I used. But now as we ease back to work, I started to review what I am putting on my face on a daily basis.

I remember a few years back as I hit 40, I started to look closely at the products that I have been using and realised that there were a lot of chemicals in it. Did some research and decided that I was going to consciously look for paraben free products.

Obviously being a frugal person, I wasn't going to throw all my products away. I decided that I will phase it out. That gave me time to research and slowly get the paraben free products I can afford.

What are parabens ?

Parabens are a type of preservative that are often used in cosmetics and makeup to prevent mould and bacteria from growing in them.There are lots of different parabens, but some of the most commonly used are propylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben.If one or more of the ingredients in your makeup ends in ‘-paraben’, this means it contains parabens. Parabens are effective as preservatives, but they could have several negative effects on human health.The most concerning thing about parabens is that they have been linked to breast cancer as they mimic the hormone oestrogen and having high levels of oestrogen could increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

So, I now challenge you to look at the ingredients at the back of your skin care or make up products. What have you been putting on your skin? Perhaps it's time to phase out from your old products to some paraben free ones.

Top 8 skin care and make product brands in the UK

Here's a list ( although not exhaustive) of some skin care and make up products that are paraben free. Just choose what suits your budget and taste and let Forwardvia do the rest for you. You can shop or we can shop for you or help deliver to you anywhere in the world.

1) Neal's Yard London a UK-based company that sells cosmetics, skin care products, and essential oils. The company was founded in 1981 in Covent Garden, London.

2) Bare Minerals believe in keeping potentially questionable ingredients off your skin and out of the environment. They are full of clean, natural and good-from-the-earth ingredients. Free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. And every product is tested and proven for performance.

3) Odylique The Essential Care (renamed Odylique – which means ‘power of nature’) was launched by Margaret,her daughter Abi and husband Colin in 2003. Odylique, formulated by Margaret, is hand-made in Suffolk – not outsourced to a factory. This is quite unusual in skincare manufacturing and it ensures you the highest level of product quality and freshness.

4) Charlotte Tilbury is a mid-size company operating the e-commerce site Charlotte Tilbury sells its products and services in the makeup industry.

5) Aveeno Whatever your skin type, their range of products are formulated with naturally derived oat ingredients to help rebalance, replenish and protect your skin every day.

6) CoverFX Long before"clean" became mainstream, CoverFx have been creating makeup and skincare with good-for-you ingredients like soothing green tea leaves and antioxidant-rich algae. Products are free of talc, parabens, fragrance, mineral oil, gluten and sulfates.

7) Green People - has always created natural, paraben-free products. They only use gentle, safe preservatives that are approved for use by organic certification bodies such as The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation (under their Non-Food Certification Company scheme) and EcoCert.

8) Naturisimo Founded in 2008, Naturisimo has been championing clean beauty and lifestyle products for over 10 years.

Paraben free for natural greys

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is also embracing your natural grey or sometimes known as silver. To keep your grey locks healthy and shiny, it's important to know the ingredients in the shampoo you use. Sulphates and parabens are chemicals present in many popular shampoos to help create the foam that many of us associate with a deep clean. These ingredients may actually do more harm than good as it strips your scalp of moisture and can damage your hair.

But have no fear! There are options out there that are sulphate and paraben free that will still give your hair that luscious shine and volume. Check out some of the products that we have compiled for you whether you are a natural grey or have coloured grey hair :

Herbal Essences Bio Renew - Herbal Essences Sulfate Free Shampoo with Potent Aloe + Hemp for beautifully hydrated hair, as intended by nature.

Color Wow - 100% clean, sulphate free shampoo that leaves no residues; for all hair types.

Teknabeauty Vegan Shampoo - With its composition rich in amino acids such as coconut oil, d-panthenol, Aloe Vera and vegetable keratin, it helps reduce volume, eliminate frizz and offer a glossy finish.

Maria Nila - A volumizing shampoo for fine and thin hair that thickens, strengthens and adds body to your hair.

Poo Free Shampoo - 99% Natural Shampoo with Aloe Vera & Lavendar.

Noughty Care Taker Unscented Shampoo - This 97% natural shampoo instantly relieves dry, itchy and sensitive scalps - now with no added fragrance.

72 Hair Vegan Intense Moisture Duo - Restore much needed moisture and fight frizzy hair with a gentle sulphate and paraben free formula, leaving your hair incredibly shiny and healthy, for more manageable styles day after day.

Davines Melu Shampoo - Elasticizing anti-breakage shampoo for long or damaged hair. Its formula, characterized by a soft and creamy foam, is designed to gently cleanse the hair, making it shiny and silky.

Keratin Kits Pro Pure - Brand New 2022 Improved Formulation, helps to reduce the appearance of frizz and leaves hair feeling soft, smooth and silky. Soft and gentle enough to use with Extensions.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo - Gently and effectively cleanses and revives hair to leave it nourished, manageable and strong.

Final Words

Natural organic ingredients are soothing and free of the nasty toxins that so often cause sensitive skin to flare up. There are plenty for you to choose from, in particular from retail online stores an independent sking care experts in the UK. Buying the all natural skin and hair care product in the UK is easy. Simply sign up with ForwardVia and get a unique UK address instantly to shop at any UK online skin care stores. Let ForwardVia ship it to your door step anywhere in the world.

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