Ways To Get Musical Instruments and Sound Systems From the UK

Posted on 17/05/20

Ever wonder how you can buy musical instruments and sound systems from abroad and get it send to your door? Here is the essential guide where you can purchase musical instruments of your liking from any UK and European online stores and have it imported easily to you anywhere in the world.

Whether it is keyboards, guitars, drums, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, bagpipes, cellos, violins, clarinets, harps, saxophones, trombones, trumpets, ukuleles, violas or state of the art music gadgets you can surely get what you desire from the many UK music specialist stores. The price is always competitive for its quality. British is known for producing the finest musical instruments in the world according to popular musicians. You can purchase these new or used from many online stores including online secondary market.

The Best Music Stores in the UK for musical instruments and sound systems

1) Thomann Music Store You'll find a huge range of instruments as well as studio-, light- and sound technology. Have the most popular brands, low-priced alternatives, and many free extras for musicians.

2) DV247 Music Store This store offers 30 day back money guarantee, bulk ordering, package discounts and financial help.

3) Gear4music From starter guitars to pro microphones and amps, the Gear4music.com online music shop has a huge range of music equipment available.

4) Mann's Music A specialist musical instruments shop that has been supplying musicians since 1854.

5) Normans Musical Instruments UK specialist suppliers of discounted orchestral and student musical instruments.

6) Ebay Buy used amplifiers, speakers, microphones and more at great prices.

How to ship it abroad from the UK?

The headache is always finding ways to have it economically and securely shipped to where you are abroad. This is where ForwardVia comes in. ForwardVia have been forwarding parcels and personal goods to over 200 countries worldwide. We have successfully shipped to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Brunei, Australia and many more. Delivery around the world can be as fast as 3 days. Forwardvia work with a number of premium Carriers including DHL Express, UPS, DPD and including budget Carriers like Royal Mail and Bpost. Forwardvia can ship small items to large parcel to 70 kg or more.

Shipping musical instrument is one of Forwardvia’s expertise. Not only do they provide shipping services, Forwardvia also provide repackaging, testing and inspection services. ForwardVia understand the importance of having musical instrument checked and repackaged before onward shipping. These services ensure that the musical instruments and sound systems received from stores are in good condition and as expected. We repack it with packaging materials suitable for transport and Carrier handling. This minimise potential damages during transit.

Sign up now for free with ForwardVia and start shopping. Leave the hassle with ForwardVia and let them handle the delivery of your musical instrument and sound systems.

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