Top things to buy and enjoy during Lockdown Summer”

Posted on 12/06/20

Lockdown seems to have turned our world upside down in all areas of our life. But we humans are very adaptable and have adapted well so far from home schooling to working from home and finding different ways to keep in contact and communicating. So, summer is slowly but surely creeping up; and although lockdown is easing, there's little hope for traveling abroad over the summer.

But don't let lockdown ruin your summer ! We have had great weather and with a little imagination and ideas, we can still have a fantastic summer.

Here are some ideas for you to still enjoy the summer with your family :

1) Camping- in the garden

Get your tents up in the garden and just sleep outdoors for as many nights as you want.The good thing about this is that you are not too far off to the toilets and shower! Count the stars on clear nights and play card games in the tent with plenty of junk food. It's the summer holidays after all.

2) Campfire

Maybe take a step up and have an improvised campfire (a fire pit will do the job nicely, whilst keeping you warm) Blow the dust off your guitar and sit around the "campfire" to sing some campfire songs. Most importantly, don't forget the marshmallows for the all time favourite s'mores. Yum! Yum!

3) Upgrade your BBQ grill

Why not think about upgrading your BBQ grill? If you haven't got one, then it is time to get one. Sitting in the garden enjoying cold drinks and chat with the family whilst the meat slowly cooks on the bbq. I feel relaxed just imagining this.

4) Upgrade your garden furniture

Let's face it, replacing garden furniture is probably at the bottom of most of our list what more upgrading it. But if I am going to make the most of my summer and with not spending money on travels, it will now be one of my top to buy list.
No matter how small or big your garden, comfy outdoor furniture will definitely give you a sense of holiday without spending a fortune.

5) Give your garden a 'face lift'

You can make your garden more inviting and keep your kids shaded from the sun by putting up a gazebo, jazz it up with some fairy lights that teens can sit outside and enjoy till late in the evening and even have buntings and decorations. With comfy cushions and some throws , fairy lights, snacks and drinks, summer nights 2020 might just turn out to be the best ones in years to come.

6) Ice Lollies / Smoothies

Make sure you have plenty of frozen fruits and ice in the freezer. Get a smoothie maker and be the awesome parents that makes delicious smoothies for your kids (and yourself if you choose to) Smoothies can also be put into popsicle moulds and vola! Ice Lollies at the ready (and healthy too)

7) Cocktails

Make sure you get extra fruits for your favourite cocktails / gin. If that is not your cup of tea (I mean drink) then stock up on your beer, wine or whatever you fancy. And get some nice fancy glasses to have your drinks in. It somehow tastes better when it's out of a fancy glass.

8) Sun cream

So, now that the garden is all ready and jazzed up, comfy furniture to relax in, cold drinks aplenty, meat sizzling nicely on the bbq grill, just be sure that you protect yourself and the family by making sure you have sun cream at hand. Apply generously and read the instructions. Some are for all day but some are every 2 hours etc.

9) If you have the space....

If you are blessed with a big spacious garden then have an outdoor hot tub or an inflatable pool. This could feel like you're in a pool abroad, especially when you have a cocktail in hand!

Wherever your imaginations lead you, just go for it.

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Let your imagination go wild and happy shopping!


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