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In this article, let's go through everything you ever wanted to know about using a Reshipper. Have you fallen in love with an item, only to have your heart broken when you realise that the company doesn't ship to you, or the cost is extortionate? Fear not! Using a Reshipper, is a safe, speedy and affordable option. But what is Reshipping exactly?

We answer all the questions you might have about using a Reshipper.

What is a Reshipper?

A Reshipper or sometimes known as a Forwarder is a company who ‘reship’ items from one place to another. So the company can accept an item for a customer, and then ship it on to its next destination.

In a nutshell, a Reshipper provides an address to a consumer to send small volume or single packages, whereas freight forwarding usually involves the company arranging shipment from business to business, e.g a manufacturer to the place of business.

How does a Reshipper work?

By using a Reshipper site, you will be given an address when you register. Then you can buy online from an international retailer, and send the item to the address provided by the Reshipper. The Reshipper company will then send your item to you at your desired destination.

Through a Reshipper often an ‘Assisted Purchase’ service is offered, where the company can purchase an item and organise shipping for you. A personal shopper will be at hand to support you with your purchase. All you need to do is to sup­ply the web­site link to the item, any item vari­a­tions, and quan­ti­ty to the Reshipper, pay for your item and it will purchased on your behalf. Once your item reach the Reshipper, they will inform you and will then ship the item to your desired destination.

Assisted Purchase is also a great help if you are buying from retailers who does not take international payments. If you prefer to shop online yourself, then sign up with a Reshipper, get a unique address where you send your purchased item to. Once they receive it, you'll be notified and will ship your item to you as instructed.

Is Reshipping safe?

Yes, absolutely! There are quite a few companies that does reshipping. At ForwardVia, photos of your item can be taken for your reassurance, and standard shipping insurance cover of up to £50 is included at no extra cost. This protects your items in the event of loss or damage in transit. Insurance cover of up to £1000 is available. One of the many benefits of using a Reshipper is that they will usually update you if an item or the packaging is damaged in transit.

How much does it cost to use a Reshipper and is it worth it?

That depends on the item and where you want to send it. Most Reshipper will have an online shipping calculator to help you budget for sending out your items.

So, is it worth it. Yes! It might seem more expensive, but using a Reshipper is a safe and speedy way to send your items. If you are buying multiple items, it may end up saving you some money if you consolidate your items before shipping them.

What items can a Reshipper send?

Most Reshipping companies can send multiple different items from gifts to furniture. Medication, financial correspondence, perishable goods or animals products cannot be sent. You can see a full list of restricted items here.

Not all, but some Reshippers will reship flammable and non flammable gas items (like body/ hair spray, spray paints etc), flammable liquids (like perfume, nail varnish, fragrance oil etc), flammable solids, corrosive items (like bleach, oven cleaners etc) and items containing lithium ion batteries. Some Reshipper like ForwardVia is fully certified to ship these goods, known as dangerous goods to international destinations. It is worth checking with the Reshipper first before purchasing any of the above as the Reshipper will need a Dangerous Goods certification to reship the items above.

So, register with a Reshipper and shop from the UK with confidence.

In Summary

Whatever you would like to buy that is not available in your country, don't despair, you have the option to use a Reshipper. For example, Reshipper ForwardVia is trusted and offer reliable reshipping from the UK to worldwide destination. They offer shipping via DHL Express, Fedex, UPS, Royal Mail at a competitive rate. Furthermore, they offer free membership and UK address upon signing up.

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