Posted on 18/01/21

Let's start from the right perspective : Home Schooling is a choice made by parents to educate their children at home rather than school. It's a choice. In this pandemic, we weren't given a choice. We just have to teach our little cherubs in our homes, not because we want to but because we have to.... or do we?

15 years ago, when my first born was about to start school, I was asked to consider home schooling my kids. I worked with kids then. I love kids and have the patience (apparently) of a saint. REALLY? Home schooling? You're kidding right?!? Let's be honest, I love my kids but I am not cut out to teach at home. BUT, I know that my kids learn a lot at home from our daily conversations, activities, outings and routines. That is the difference between home schooling and home learning. And right now in this pandemic, we are all Home Learning. We can't do school at home; but we can still learn at home! Check out our blog on The Importance of Open Ended Play.

Routine is important to ensure focus for everyone. Make sure you have a routine that involves the whole family, taking into consideration work time for parents, time for fun, games, relaxation and school work if they've been given some to do. Don't want to do the subtraction worksheet ? Don't! Do it when you're playing with lego or building blocks. Fed up of trying to figure out measurement? Leave it! Throw in spoons, measuring jugs and cups into the bath. Or for older kids, measure, pour and mix whilst helping to prepare meals.

Just want to run outdoors and play in the garden all day? Why not? Isn't this how we learn spatial awareness, to balance, run, climb, fall and take risks? Check out https://themilitarywifeandmom for 50+ best outdoor toys/ games for endless hours of fun. Limit screen time and have more scream time (outdoors of course) and laugh! Lots of laughter!

It is also important to note that having a routine does not mean a day of back to back full of activities. This will overwhelm your child/ren and tire you out. Routine should be a guideline to allow the child to know what might happen next. Eg: after dinner, we will have a little tv time, bath, story then bed time.

The only thing I will suggest is to make sure you have sufficient time to wind down before bed time. That is the key to a good night's sleep after a busy day.

Of course, you will have those super duper mums that will post on social media about how great their kids are doing. Well done to them! But just remember, you will not inspected and there are no OFSTED reports to write about the achievement of your home learning. The only and most important 'report' will be written by your child/ren stored in a place called memories. So love them, laugh with them, have fun with them and your 'report' will be no less than Outstanding!

And whilst you juggle between working from home and home learning, let ForwardVia take the stress off you. Shop anywhere in the UK and we will take care of the rest for you! Happy making memories!

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