How has COVID19 shaped your 2021 aspirations?

Posted on 09/12/20

One thing I have learnt for certain is to NEVER take life for granted. Appreciate and treasure the people around you and most importantly, be kind to yourself. These are the things that we think we do anyway, but in actual fact, the hustle and bustle of our life before Covid can sometimes hinder us unconsciously.

Lock down meant that our busy 'fast forwarded' life was suddenly put on the pause button and then when you reach out to press 'play' to get back to normality, what's left is the slow motion button. This paused, slow motion way of life gave me the opportunity to rearrange my priorities in life. It has also definitely influenced my aspirations for 2021.

So, how has this year affected you? How has this year made your aspirations different from the years before? Have you started a list for your 2021 aspirations? Here are a few things that I have put together to get you started or perhaps something you can add to your list. I'm going to start with possible changes in our daily routine.

Healthy Eating

Start the day with healthy breakfast. I used to be too busy for breakfast and so will only end up with a quick cup of tea/ coffee. But by about 11am, I was ready for another drink and feel so hungry by then that I will just eat any snack/ junk that I can find! I decided when everything was paused, that I need a healthier eating pattern. I'm back to work and have kept to having porridge with dried cranberries and nuts/ seeds.

I've always had a pressure cooker but hardly used. Since lock down in March, I have been looking into simple one pot recipes and improvised it to use in the pressure cooker. It made me feel good that I am feeding my family healthier food. So far, no complaints yet! :)

My soup maker which was gathering dust, slowly made it appearance once again. I started making soup for our lunch, which means I know exactly what we are consuming. The great thing is I get to use up whatever veg that needs using at the end of the week in the soup.. no wastage.

My latest addition is the great bread maker! It's so easy to use, I cannot believe that I didn't ask for one sooner. We've also opted to get organic flour. Now I feel like Super Mamma who makes organic bread, homemade soup and home cook dinner for the family whilst working! :) But in actual fact, it's the amazing technology that we are blessed with that made this easier to achieve.

Here are some pictures of my helpers in the kitchen.

Keep Fit

Keeping fit here in my opinion isn't about trying to shed lots of weight to look like super models. I've suffered from back pains for years and not had the time to exercise/yoga as told by professionals. New approach as I started back to work was work out of around 40 minutes before work. I started this from mid September, and I cannot stress enough how much better my back has been! This is one routine I will definitely be keeping in 2021.

So, start with something simple like Yoga or Pilates. I really enjoyed Zumba whilst following some classes on You Tube. Then I decided that I needed something a little bit more. After much research with limited space in the house, I went for a Reebok workout bench. It was great for me as it helped my back pains tremendously. And weights to keep those bingo wings at bay!

Bed Time, Me Time

Although keeping the family happy and healthy is important, making time for yourself should be at the top of your list. It shouldn't be something that you will do if you have the time at the end of the day but something that you will do at the end of the day as little treat for yourself. A nice bath if you have the luxury of time. Facial/ mask which will only take 10-20 minutes of your wind down time. I would give my husband the heads up that I will needing 20-30 minutes to relax with a face mask or whatever I plan to do. And guess what? The last couple of times, he actually joined me and we both learnt to relax and pamper ourselves.... something we have never done at home in the 21 years we have been married.

As age catches up, I have sometimes found that having a good night's sleep doesn't come easily. I've tried having Camomile Tea, don't think that has helped much. I have now purchased some lavender pillow spray which I hope will help. Do you have any tips for a good night's sleep? Good night's sleep is definitely on my list of aspirations for 2021.

Small Changes

Invest in good skincare products- Whether it's anti aging cream, eye cream, vegan products or paraben free products, do it in small steps.

Quit smoking - It will benefit your health and your finance too.

Less alcohol- A little bit of alcohol is good for blood circulation. But if you are a heavy drinker, perhaps lessen it slowly?

Read - Reading is great for the mind, broadens knowledge too. I love to read but more of romantic novels and crime fiction. OK this may not necessarily broaden my knowledge but it certainly takes me away to another world, albeit a short time.

Clear out - Clearing any space or room is never and will never be the top of my to do list. But I realised that doing a section at a time helps. Start with a drawer in the bed room or a cabinet in the bathroom. Work your way through slowly... and before you know it, it will be done.

Local trips- Take walks locally or short trips where it's safe. Slow down and listen to the birds chirping, watch the sun rise or sun set. Appreciate nature and enjoy the fresh air. Put away all technology and be present with your loved ones.

Learn something new -Is there something in particular that you like to do just for fun? We have recently cleared out our spare room and we have an electronic drum set in it...... And no, no one in the house knows how to play the drums, but we all had fun just banging on it to start with. Now it's time to learn it via You Tube or get a drum teacher online.

Be Kind To Yourself

No matter how short or long a list you may have for 2021, always remember to be kind to yourself! So what if the house is messy? Tidy the next day or the weekend. It's not the end of the world if you decide to have a take away for dinner. It's nice to take a break once in a while. It's ok to miss out on a workout session you have scheduled for, your body may just need the rest.

What matters most is that you are able to tuck and kiss your kids good night (or in my case say good night to my not so little grown up kids) at the end of the day, knowing that your loved ones are safe and wake up to a new day to start afresh.

Life is short! Live it to the fullest and appreciate everything that you have. And if you need any help in getting your products, check us out at ForwardVia where we ship to you worldwide.

And on that note, we all at ForwardVia would like to wish you a Safe Christmas and a Healthy 2021!

Please note that I am not affiliated with the brands above. I am merely sharing my journey in the hope of inspiring others.


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