Posted on 22/09/21

Welcome to ForwardVia’s very own 'Toy Shop'! All toys listed here are available to ship with ForwardVia. After a difficult year or so of trying to entertain our little ones, it’s now time to hand over to The Toy Shop and let the toys do the work!

Sensory Toys - Toys for encouraging the senses from the toy shop.

Doodle Your Own World Map Pillowcase - It might seem a bit odd when you’ve been teaching your child not to draw on furnishings, to then encourage them to colour in their pillowcase, but this will keep them entertained for a while! Your children can colour in their pillowcase to suit them, then you can wash it and start again! Just make sure it dries before bedtime to avoid any funky patterns on your child’s face!

Magic Touch Piano - This wooden musical toy is great for learning sounds as well as being a great sensory experience. The Magic Touch Piano is the perfect toy to introduce young children to music. You can insert sheet music into the piano, follow the dots for guided playing, or freestyle, making it fun with a challenge when/if needed.

On your Feet! Toys to encourage walking and balance from the toy shop.

Walk N Roll - This walking toy is perfect for toddlers as they get on their feet. The wooden stick helps them to steady themselves and entertain them as they watch the little balls go round in the cylinder ball as they push it. This toy is best for little ones at 12 months and over, and encourages their motor skills.

Personalised Kids Vintage Red 2 in 1 Balance Trybike - This Trybike is new for 2021! The bike can even be personalised with a name and vinyl stickers, for the perfect Christmas present for the little one in your life. The vintage colours and style will fit into your home without being garish or unsightly and will support a child with their balance as their first experience of a tricycle. The bike is a toy made to last, as it is made of steel, and can also be easily converted from a tricycle to a bicycle to grow with your child.

Imaginary Play Toys - Toys to encourage the imagination from the toy shop.

Le Toy Van Cherry Tree Hall - Boys and girls will enjoy playing with this luxury dolls house. The solid wooden dolls house will encourage their imaginary play. It stands at an impressive 92cms, and features windows at the front of the house to let light shine through. Birthday and Christmas presents will be sorted, as there are plenty of furniture sets and accessories to be added to the house.

Learning with Play - Toys that teach too from the toy shop.

Kids First Chemistry Set - Have you got a budding Marie Curie or Albert Einstein in your family? This first Chemistry set will satisfy their need for discovery and experimenting. The kit uses household ingredients to conduct up to 25 different experiments. The kit teaches a range of scientific skills to children aged 8 and over, including chromatography and separation. The kit is so fun that it won’t feel like learning at all!

Be a YouTuber Kit - On the same note, if you’ve got a wannabe Content Creator on your hands, help them to safely learn the craft with this kit. This kit features an in depth educational book, 29 pieces of content and the opportunity to carry out 13 different experiments. Your budding YouTuber can create science videos ready to proudly share with their friends.

GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope - Does your child have questions when they look up to the stars? Help them to get a closer look with this first telescope. This focus-free telescope is ideal to encourage STEM learning, and includes a 10x magnification, whilst also keeping a wide field of vision. This exploration tool can be used at distances from 30 metres and above, and has a special cut out for nose positioning, to make exploring comfortable too.

How to get toys from the toy shop to you.

Have any of these unique toys caught your eye and inspired you to start your Christmas shopping early? All of the items from the toy shops listed here can be shipped around the world from the UK at your convenience with ForwardVia.

Just sign up for free with us and you will be given a UK address where you can shop from. We will then forward your items to you when you are ready.

Happy shopping and playing!

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