Posted on 11/06/21

Thinking of having Father's Day gift forwarded to you from the UK? Fathers- whether biological, adopted, foster or step all play an important role in a child's life. Grandfathers and at times someone you look up to as a father figure can also be a great influence. Hats off to single mums who fulfill both the roles of mothers and fathers!

Father's Day, usually celebrated on the third Sunday in June, is a day when children give cards and presents to their fathers to show that they love and appreciate them. This year it falls on 20th June.

What gifts have you planned to give to your father (or mum) to tell him how special he is to you? Have you made your gifts? Or still searching for that perfect gift? Here we have compiled 100 gifts ideas that we hope you will find helpful.

What sort of a man is your father? Is he the joker of the family? A man who loves his food? A gadget man? Only you know your father best! We have separated the gift ideas into a few categories to make it easier for you to find the perfect gift :


Funny Message Chocolate Bar

Concrete Phone Speaker - This unusual concrete phone speaker is cast in concrete and perfect for a modern dad! The speaker is suitable for any iPhone and android device.

Drink Measure Glass - Ideal as a dad’s measure glass or as a cheeky gift for grandads, uncles, husbands or anyone who likes an after-dinner drink.

Full English Breakfast Biscuit Gift Set - Delicious iced biscuit 'Breakfast in Bed', complete with all the biscuit breakfast essentials. Best served with your favourite tea or coffee, in bed, of course!

Inflatable Zimmer Frame

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Sumo Squats

Anti Fart Pills! - The anti-fart pills are actually mints that have been designed as anti-fart pills to show a funny and comedic side to peoples farting habits.

Fart Extinguisher Air Freshener - Perfect for emergency fart displacements, this handy pump air freshener is ideal for any situation in which the local air quality is compromised. Simply identify the source of the odour and spray vigorously at farter!

Poo Head!

How To Poo At Work Book

Things To Do While You Poo Book

Toilet Warning Sign - Ideal for home or office loo, this novelty toilet warning sign provides a giggle and a warning wherever it goes!

Potty Putter Golf Trainer Set - If your dad is obsessed with playing golf, eat, sleep and dream golf, then this is the perfect gift as this golf set allows him to play golf while on the toilet! Just place the mat around the toilet, put the putting cup at the distance and golf away.

Onion Goggles

Penal-Tea Mug

Funny Coffee Mug

Tiny Hands

Butt Head Game - Butt Head is a hilarious game of catch which swaps your hands for your head.

Proud Dad T-Shirt

Pepperoni Socks

Funny Face Apron - The perfect gift for chefs, bakers, artists, decorators and more. Durable water-resistant coating. Paint? Ketchup? Bring it on!

Mr.Razor The Razor Holder

Mushions - The Face Cushions

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer - No one deserves to spend their mornings grimacing in front of the mirror, sadistically plucking out their nose hairs one after another. Just pull the trigger on this futuristic shooter and blast those stubborn bristles into oblivion.


First Father's Day Book - The story is written on behalf of the baby, thanking Dad for all the wonderful things he does eg how he makes the baby laugh, places they visit, going to sleep etc. Perfect for first time fathers!

Personalised Adventures With Daddy

Mini Fire Log

Ceramic Coaster

Grooming Vegan Gift Set - Stylish Vegan and Sustainable Grooming Spa for him, ideal for a post-workout chill out or a relaxing time after a stressful day.

Large Hamper Set

Luxury Skincare Pampering Gift Set

Beard & Moustache Care Gift Set - A plentiful bounty, the Crowlink Loot features our three debut products: Old Joll's beard oil (10ml), Jevington Jigg's moustache and beard wax (60ml) and Creampot Tom's beard balm (60ml).

Record Messages Keepsake

Doubled Walled Cafetiere

Whisky Stones - Specially formed from granite, these Whisky Stones retain their coldness to keep your drink cooler for longer, outstanding the regular ice cube whilst not diluting your drink!

Star Wars BB-8 3D Model Kit

Star Wars R2-D2 Model Kit - This is no ordinary repair droid either, this is R2D2, the plucky mechanical mate that’s seen action from Tattooine to the Death Star. The perfect gift for Star Wars geeks and robot fans.

Globe Decanter With Cradle

Build Your Own Royal Clock

Car Colour Changing LED Lights

Self-Guiding AI Robot

Hydraulic Robot Arm

Cyclone Speaker 400 Black - This is speaker is jam-packed with features, for example, it has 50 watts with strong bass, Bluetooth wireless playback, colourful party LED mode and 8 hours playing time. Other benefits include the ability to play music from your mobile phone or tablet.

Laser Keyboard Projector

Urban Eccentric Veggie Sock Set

Golf Ball Stamper

Bar Pool Shots With Tray

Sky Planter

Bike Wheel LED Lights - Be visible on your bike! Why not make your wheels look like a couple of Ferris wheels spinning in fast forward? These bike wheel LED lights are perfect for dads who cycles.


Dad & Child Matching Camping Hoodies

Metal Photo Keyring

Bottle Opener - Commission a personalised bottle opener for your dad, precision cut from thick stainless steel. This bottle opener has a solid and tactile feel.

Solid Oak Headphone Stand

Personlised Story Books:

*Paw Patrol: Adventures With Daddy - Whether their favourite guy goes by Daddy or Grandpa, Pops or Dad, this personalised PAW Patrol adventure makes for the best storytime with him. Customise 2 characters,1 adult and 1 child, with a range of hairstyles, skin tones and more. Perfect Father's Day gift!

*Peppa Pig: My Daddy

*Superhero Dad - Celebrate how amazing your Daddy is with this fun personalised superhero story book all about your Superdad!

Leather Wallet

Oak Glasses Stand

Guitar Plectrums - A fun and quirky gift if your dad is guitar enthusiast. Personalise these plectrums and tin to make the ultimate musical gift.

Daddy & Me Dinosaur Mug

Child's Drawing Keyring - A personalised wood and leather keyring that features your child's own unique drawing. Turn your child's special drawing into a lasting keepsake with this stunning engraved leather and wood keyring!

Cadbury Mixed Bars Selection

Men's Leather Watch

Pint Pots Sweet Jar

No.1 Dad Wooden Sweet Box - If your dad has a sweet tooth, this gift will delight him! To make this a sentimental piece, you can personalise the box with a special message so that even after the sweets are gone, the sweet message will stay.

World's Best Taxi Driver Mug

Personalised Toblerone

Marmite Jar

Bar Mat

Super Large Man Bowl - This huge, ceramic man bowl is big enough to fit either a whole box of cereal, one whole bag of chunky MAN chips or 10 family sized packets of M&M's - or whatever else your dad loves to scoff! Personalise this man bowl with your dad's name.

Awesome Dad Socks

Black Dressing Gown - Make your dad feel extra special with this black dressing gown. It’s made from towelling 100% cotton fabric, and can be personalised with a name (of up to 12 characters).

Personalised Hammer



Friday Night Curry Subscription - For adventurous dads who loves to cook. A three-month recipe kit subscription containing all the fresh spices and recipes you need to make a fantastic curry spread every month!

Punjabi Chicken Curry Kit

Ultimate Grill Set

Salami & Chorizo Bouquet - For the foodie dad who loves his meat.

Ultimate Bacon Sandwich Kit

Ploughman's Lunch Gift Box

Crackers & Cheese Crate - This cheese crate will make any cheese lover happy. It includes cranberry infused Wensleydale, Farmhouse cheddar, and caramelised onion cheddar cheese. To compliment the cheese it also includes Ploughmans chutney, red onion marmalade, cashew and rosemary toasts, and cheddar and red onion biscuits.

Luxury Cheese & Biscuits Hamper

Perfectly Salted Pork Crackling Gift Jar

BBQ Classics - Foodie Box

Make Your Own Chorizo Kit

Retro Sweet Hamper

Hot Chocolate Bomb - A gift for dads who loves chocolate. Put a chocolate bomb in a mug, pour hot milk over it, and watch as the chocolate melts and releases mini marshmallows, creating a hot chocolate drink that you won’t forget in a hurry!

Chocolate Vegetables

Best Dad Chocolates & Truffles

Special Chocolates & Cards

Father's Day Smash Cup - For chocoholic dads. Smash the cup like a piñata and watch even more chocolatey goodness tumble out!

Flaming Hot Chilli Sauce Grenade

Hawk Beers

Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum - Phoenix Tears is a premium spiced rum that has the delicious taste of Caribbean Rum with aromas of brown sugar and dried fruit mixed with natural cinnamon and ginger to give it a sweet and spicy flavour. The Phoenix tears give the rum a magical golden shimmer, just shake the bottle and see it come to life.

Rum With Message

Japanese Whisky Masterclass & Kit At Home - This virtual masterclass takes place at MAP Maison, while you are settled in at home, and is run by the head bartender. You'll be as close to the atmosphere as if it were the real thing.

Coffee Lover Treats

Spirited Coffee-Whisky

Ties & Bows Coffee Gift Pack - Coffee lover dads - A novelty coffee selection gift pack with fun ties and bow ties label designs. Contains 4 delicious freshly roasted coffees in an omni grind.


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