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Posted on 29/09/22

It might be really inconvenient to wait for your United States Postal Service, USPS shipment to arrive, especially if it takes longer than expected. What if USPS tells you that a different person other than you received your package for final delivery? You checked the tracking and the information says 'delivered to an agent for final delivery', what does that mean?

ForwardVia (not associated with USPS) specialise in forwarding international packages regularly uses Royal Mail and their partner, USPS for package delivery in the USA. They have good experience in handling and delivery of packages, hence are familiar with the term 'Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery'. Let's have a look to get a better understanding of what it means.

Note, ForwardVia is not part of USPS and not associated with USPS, this article is written as an informative guide.

What does delivered to agent for final delivery mean?

USPS handles hundreds of pieces of mail and packages each day. There is always a possibility that the receiver won't be there to accept the package when it is delivered. The package may then be taken by an authorised person or a family member. Your tracking status will then read 'delivered to an agent for final delivery'.

But occasionally the package is delivered to the agent even though it wasn't to the intended receiver or a designated recipient. This might be perplexing. You should be aware that anyone who receives letters or packages on your behalf is acting as your agent. Concierge, front desk, and parcel locker services are also examples of "Agents" who can accept and sign for USPS packages on behalf of others.

USPS claims that the package was delivered to the agent for final delivery, what can I do to check?

To find out where your package is or if it became stuck in transit, you can track your package delivery or shipping status it at any moment. The following options are available for tracking:

  • Go to USPS website and use their tracking tools to monitor your package journey
  • Use USPS app. Simply visit Google Play Store or Apple's App Store and download the official USPS mobile app. You can use it to track your package easily and get notification sent to your mobile devices
  • Contact USPS customer service or email them. Their telephone number is 1-800-222-1811 or you can find their other contact details on their website.

Tracking status says 'Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery', however there's still no sign of the package

Do not worry, if you are still unable to find out the whereabout of your package, here are the options you have:

  • Walk in to any USPS location. Visit a nearby USPS location and speak to their employee about your issue. They should tell you what happened to your package and how you can retrieve it or make a loss claim
  • Contact the sender or seller informing them you do not have the package. They should be able to assist you, where they will liaise with USPS and investigate, and provide you with further details. If they are unable to locate it, it is likely they will need to resend it to you
  • Raise an insurance lost claim against USPS. You can file a domestic and international shipment claim on their website.

How do I get package from the UK delivered using USPS?

Royal Mail is the UK equivalent of USPS. Packages shipped through Royal Mail network in the UK use USPS to deliver packages to your door step in the US. To shop in the UK, simply register for a free account at to receive your own UK address. Here are the five easy steps where you can complete the process of signing up, shopping, and shipping to your door:

1. Create a free UK address by signing up online at

2. Purchase your goods from any UK online stores

3. Enter your UK shipping address from ForwardVia as your local delivery address

4. We'll notify you when your goods arrive at our UK warehouse

5. Log in your Forwardvia's account, choose Royal Mail and we'll arrange to ship it via USPS to your door step. Alternatively, ForwardVia also offer shipping via couriers like DHL, Fedex and UPS.

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