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Posted on 22/06/22

What is Good Girl Perfume

Good Girl Perfume is an exotic floral oriental eau de parfum by the renown brand Carolina Herrera currently being sold by Good Girl Perfume fragrance is a line of fragrances designed by Carolina Herrera for modern women of all ages. Carolina Herrera's creative vision of the duality of the modern woman: audacious and sexy, elegant and enigmatic, good and bad. Good girl perfume from is the right choice if you desire a fruity scent that makes you feel warm and love.

Some reviews of Good Girl Perfume from

Review from Sara:

Good Girl Perfume is a sensual and mysterious perfume, perhaps too complex to understand but not trivial: it is a fragrance that has many faces, given the many facets, a perfume for those who do not want to reveal everything at first sight but let themselves be discovered in its various character sides. The bottle, much discussed as tacky and cafona, is instead, for me, one of the most beautiful. Remember that kind of woman who always wants to make a good impression and show confidence towards the viewer, whether in an interview, formal occasion or emblematic moment of her life, or for a dinner with partners and friends; a carnal and bewitching fragrance. It starts in a cheeky way with a splash of lemon and bergamot surrounded by an almond as beautiful and creamy as it is pungent but clear of coffee. After about half an hour it moves violently on a heart that, on me, already blends well with the base notes: I feel the sambac jasmine, the orange blossom, the tuberose, a very sweet milky hint and already from here I feel very well cinnamon, the cocoa dissolved by the sweetness of the praline that merges with the sweetness of the amber, the rest is an evolution so fast that it cannot keep up with it, in fact all these single notes will then be tangled and joined together in a harmonious way. The scent will positively stun whoever your "prey" is and will capture their attention. I like it, I like it so much that I feel myself its prey because it knows what it wants and captures it without buts and without ifs; makes me feel unique and unrepeatable of the series: "here I am". For me the best gourmand you can find around. I do not feel chemical like the flanker suprême and I am amazed that it was Turner herself who created it because this progenitor is a masterpiece for me. The duration is pezzesca: it can even exceed 10 hours on clothes, the Projection is intense for about 5 hours then lowers to medium. A perfume that is able to give you the right boost for everything that represents that opportunity granted by life to demonstrate who we are and I dare to say, why not?

Review from Yom. V:

Power and sillage: Lasting power is at least 8hrs. Sillage is quite strong for the first 3-4 hours you've sprayed it, and moderately projects for the rest of its lasting power. Lingers on skin in the last 2 hours of wear. 9/10 Scent: A beautiful, clean, feminine musky tonka bean, almond creme, soft floral and slightly linen fragrance. Perfect for fall and winter, and for evening/night events. 10/10 Packaging: I grabbed the 1oz bottle of Got mine Good Girl Perfume from, and it is small and portable enough for most spaces, including travel. Would definitely recommend keeping the box on you for travel though, as the shape of the bottle may make it awkward to adequately protect in a suitcase. Other than that, I find the spritzer and cap quite sturdy, zero issues, and the bottle is perfectly leveled and balanced, so I have not had any issues storing it or displaying it in my vanity. 9/10 Recommendations: fall/winter, evening/night, feminine fragrance, ages 21+, softly classical and dreamy. It projects a decadence and pillowy tenderness, while still painting an image of power that is sultry, almost dark. The color palette that comes to mind? Dark emeralds, silver, burgundy, and broodier but comfortable purples. A safe blind buy for lovers of enchanting scents and gourmands.

Review from Steph:

More dark, deep Sensual; NOT Fruity or FloralI’ve had the largest size in this perfume for quite a few years now lol. A large size of perfume is really economical for me, because it lasts me forever. And it smelled all right enough in the store. Employee said it was their best seller. Bottle was super odd and neat and cute. But I can’t really describe the smell. It’s not fruity or floral at all. There’s some kind of almost sensual deep musky smell with it, and be careful with the sprays, cause she lasts and lasts and lasts… especially on clothes.

Where to shop Good Girl Perfume and others

The store, is based in the USA, currently selling online for domestic market only. There are options to buy Carolina Herrera's good girl perfumes and others which are available exclusively in the UK. You can sign up free at to get a free UK address to shop, head to any UK perfume shop, make purchase and let ForwardVia ship the perfume worldwide to your doorstep wherever you are. ForwardVia is fully certified for shipping perfume and other dangerous goods to worldwide destinations.

Here are some of the UK online perfume shops:

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