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Posted on 22/06/22

What is Good Girl Perfume

Good Girl Perfume is an exotic floral oriental eau de parfum by the renown brand Carolina Herrera currently being sold by Good Girl Perfume fragrance is a line of fragrances designed by Carolina Herrera for modern women of all ages. Carolina Herrera's creative vision of the duality of the modern woman: audacious and sexy, elegant and enigmatic, good and bad. Good girl perfume from is the right choice if you desire a fruity scent that makes you feel warm and love. Let's see some real user reviews, the alternative to Good Girl perfume from, and how to get them from the UK and ship to you worldwide using

User reviews of Good Girl Perfume from

Review from Sara:

The seductive and enigmatic Good Girl perfume from is not only difficult to understand but also has multiple faces, making it ideal for those who like to let themselves be found through the perfume's different character characteristics rather than expose all at once. The bottle, which has been criticised for being cheap and gaudy, is actually one of the most gorgeous in my opinion. A carnal and seductive scent comes to mind when you think of the type of woman who constantly wants to make a good impression and project confidence towards the spectator, whether in an interview, at a formal event, during a significant moment in her life, or over a meal with partners and friends.

Beginning cheekily with a dash of lemon and bergamot,'s Good Girl perfume smell is almost like encircled by an almond that is as lovely and creamy as it is spicy. After putting it on, it begins to move furiously on a heart after around 30 minutes, however on me, the base notes have already blended in well. The sambac jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, a very sweet milky hint, cinnamon, the cocoa dissolved by the sweetness of the praline that blends with the sweetness of the amber, and already from here I feel very well the rest is evolving so quickly that it cannot keep up with it; in fact, all these separate notes will then be tangled and joined together in a harmonious way. Good Girl Perfume from is a perfume that is able to give you the right boost for everything that represents that opportunity granted by life to demonstrate who we are and I dare to say, why not?

Review from Yom. V:

Power and sillage: The power has a minimum 8-hour duration. Sillage is highly potent for the first 3–4 hours after application, and then it projects only moderately for the remainder of its duration. Within the last two hours of use, remains on skin.

9/10 Scent: A gorgeous, pure, feminine scent with notes of musky tonka bean, almond creme, delicate florals, and just a hint of linen. Perfect for activities that take place at night or in the fall and winter.

10/10 Packaging: The Good Girl Perfume 1 oz. bottle I purchased from is compact and portable enough for most locations, including travel.
Would absolutely advise carrying the box with you though, as the bottle's design can make it difficult to pack safely in a suitcase. Other than that, I have had no problems storing or displaying it in my vanity because I find the spritzer and cap to be fairly solid, without any problems, and the bottle is absolutely level and balanced.

9/10 Recommendations: Ages 21+, feminine, evening/night, fall/winter scent that is delicately classical and dreamy. It portrays a power that is decadent and cuddly while also portraying a seductive, almost sinister image of dominance. What colour scheme comes to mind? Darker purples that are still cosy, silver, burgundy, and emerald greens. For gourmands and those who enjoy enticing scents, a reliable blind purchase.

Review from Steph:

NOT fruity or floral; more dark, sensual I've had the biggest size of this perfume for a long time. Because it lasts me forever, buying a large bottle of perfume is incredibly cost-effective for me. Additionally, the fragrance in the store was fine. The worker claimed that it was their top seller.'s Good Girl Perfume was incredibly peculiar, organised, and adorable. However, I struggle to define the smell. It's not at all fruity or fragrant. Be cautious when using sprays because they remain forever especially on clothing and have an almost seductive deep musky scent.

Alternative to Good Girl Perfume from

Givenchy Organza - Givenchy Organza perfume is a floral-toned perfume made up of deeper notes of elegant flowers. Gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine make up the body. It has a fragrant smell and its penetration lasts for very long periods of time.

Reisa Truly Yours - Reisa is a perfume by Truly Yours for women and was released in 2015. Projection and longevity are above-average. stunningly beautiful white floral fragrance. The vanilla does sweeten it up, but it's not too sweet or syrupy on skin.

Beautiful Belle Estée Lauder - white floral fragrance with prominent notes of tuberose and gardenia. There is a note of marzipan in this fragrance, but it's not overwhelmingly sweet.

Naughty Girl Alexandria Fragrances - this fragrance is actually a dupe for Good Girl. Generally, dupes aren't exact copies of the original fragrances, so this might not be as sweet as Good Girl on your skin. offers a range of fragrances that are similar to some popular designer perfumes, including the Good Girl perfume from Carolina Herrera. Here are some alternative fragrances from that you might like if you enjoy the Good Girl perfume:

  1. Dossier no. 10: This fragrance is similar to Good Girl's warm and spicy notes of jasmine, tonka bean, and cocoa, with additional notes of vanilla and musk.
  2. Dossier no. 13: This fragrance features notes of jasmine, vanilla, and tonka bean, similar to Good Girl, but with additional notes of amber and sandalwood.
  3. Dossier no. 44: This fragrance is a great option for those who love the floral and woody notes of Good Girl, with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, and cedarwood.
  4. Dossier no. 61: This fragrance is a great alternative for those who love the sweet and fruity notes of Good Girl, with notes of bergamot, peach, and vanilla.
  5. Dossier no. 88: This fragrance is a great option for those who enjoy the floral and woody notes of Good Girl, with notes of rose, amber, and sandalwood.

All of these fragrances from are affordable and high-quality alternatives to the Good Girl perfume from Carolina Herrera.

Where to shop Good Girl Perfume and others

The store, is based in the USA, currently selling online for domestic market only. There are options to buy Carolina Herrera's good girl perfumes and others which are available exclusively in the UK. You can sign up free at to get a free UK address to shop, head to any UK perfume shop, make purchase and let ForwardVia ship the perfume worldwide to your doorstep wherever you are. ForwardVia is fully certified for shipping perfume and other dangerous goods to worldwide destinations.

Here are some of the UK online perfume shops:

The Perfume Shop

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