6 ideas to keep you entertained if you are stuck at home

Posted on 23/03/20

In this slightly strange time, where everything may seem all a bit crazy. I thought I’d write a blog from me at ForwardVia, straight to you. As bleak as it all may seem, this is a good opportunity to do things you may not have had time to do before.

Here is my list of the things you could do this quarantined season.

1. Art. Trying out painting or drawing is such a fun thing to do because you don’t even have to be good at it to make something cool. Wether you just find the materials and create a unique piece or you search up a tutorial on how to paint, it’s a perfect way to channel your inner artist!

2. Read a book. Reading is so great when you can really emerge yourself into a story or character. I mean if you don’t think you like reading... you’re reading this right now. So it doesn’t have to be a story book necessarily, magazines, blogs, online articles, novels and many others.

3. Check up on your friends. It’s always good to stay in touch with people, and in this day and age it’s possible to do so without seeing them in person. FaceTime a friend, call a relative or even check up on someone who you’ve never spoken to before. You never know how people are feeling and it’s always good to reach out to them. It’s also very good for your own wellbeing, to talk and interact in that sense with other people.

4. Music. Listen to new music, make a new playlist called “quarantine tunes”, discover a new favourite artist. Sing loudly and maybe even learn a new instrument, it’s worth it and a beautiful hobby.

5. Write something. Just like I’m doing now, write a blog, a journal, a diary or even a story. Write about your experiences, or what you’re hoping to achieve when this is all over. There is so much to write about and it’s such good fun.

6. And finally, shop. Get yourself a whole new wardrobe, find a style or any inspiration and shop shop shop!!! Retail therapy really does work. Doesn’t only have to be clothing, buy a puzzle, a new gadget or maybe a book. Perhaps redecorate your room, add some fairy lights, new curtains or a poster of your favourite band. You choose what you want and ForwardVia will ship it to you securely using DHL Express, UPS, DPD or Royal Mail. We’ll take care of the hassle and you just take care of yourselves.

Please stay safe and look after one another, keep clean and wash your hands!! Stay tuned for more blogs :)

With love,

The forwardvia team x

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