Lockdown = makeover time!!

Posted on 09/05/20

I hope lockdown is treating you well. This week has felt like a month and I’m only just about coping. I hope my list of things to do helped you a bit and was of use to you. I know that at the moment, things may seem bleak but I’ve found a list of more things that you can do. First of all, experiment with your aesthetic. Give yourself a makeover, whether it be dying your hair a wild colour or cutting your own hair, it’s a great way to find a new look. The best thing about it is that no one can judge you because its not like you’re going to go anywhere.

Hop online and find yourself some hair due, watch a tutorial on how to cut your own hair. Now is the time to experiment like you’ve never done before. It’s a time where you can risk looking slightly unusual because you’re in lockdown and no one can see you anyway. You choose the hair dye, the new makeup, or the new wardrobe and forwardvia will send it to you at a low cost.

Why not be adventurous and try out :

Colour Shampoo - colour and shampoo (2in1) with no chemicals, cover up greys beautifully, leaving hair soft and shinny.

Hair Wax Revolution - haven't tried this myself (but very tempted to). Vivid colours for fun, washes off- so no worries if you have that all important job interview coming up or a job to return to :)

Hair Dye - always a quick fix to cover up those greys showing or simply just to try out 'lockdown' colours. Try to go for the ones with natural ingredients of possible.

Hair Chalks Arteza - Another fun way to try out colours temporarily... who knows, you might find a colour that you really like and decide to go permanent with it!

Whatever you choose to do ,we are here for you in this difficult time, we may not be able to solve this whole pandemic, but we can only help you make this easier. Tag us in your cool new looks on Instagram @forwardvia as we'd love to see, you may even get featured.

Stay safe,

The Forwardvia Team


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