Where to get your Spring Fashion from the UK?

Posted on 05/04/21

Are you a fashion follower or do you go with comfort? I am more of a comfort person but still like to be nosey and check out the latest fashion. If I see something that I like and can incorporate comfort into it, then that will be my new 'thing' till I get bored and ready for a change.

I don't envy being in the shoes of designers as last year was anything but fashionable, unless wearing masks is considered fashionable! So, I'm guessing the fashion for Spring is more of a projection of what will be rather than what is.

What do you think of the latest fashion? Will you be dressed in one of these styles once it is safe to socialise? Or will you mix and match with what you already have in your wardrobe?


The Cut-Out trend gives new meaning to showing skin; from slits to cut outs of any shapes onto a piece of garment be it tops or dresses. Before you start slashing your clothes, have a look at what's on offer this Spring.

The Rib Cut Out Side Mini Dress

Tie Front Cut Out Beach Maxi Dress

High Neck Cut Out Mini Dress

Printed O-Ring Cut Out Beach Maxi Dress

Plus Bandage Sculpt Cut Out Bodycon Dress

Rib Extreme Crop and Midaxi Dress

Spot Print Cut Out Skater Dress

Cut Out Halter Top

Diablo Cut Out Jumpsuit

Cut Out Print Zebra Striped Halter Top


Bralettes are essentially non wired, lighter support compares to a regular bra. It has evolved now be either worn as an under garment or as a top. It comes in all shapes and sizes, made with beautiful lace or plain comfortable cotton. How will you wear yours this Spring?

Crop Tops, like its name are tops that are cropped shorter so that it reveals the stomach. If you have tops that you are bored with, it might be time to bring out the scissors!

But if you are like me and prefer to use scissors for paper only, then have a look at these links to find your Spring inspiration :

Emil Bralette in Satin Stripe

Three-Tone Lace Non Wired Bralette

Floral Lace Racerback Bralette

Figleaves Black Millie Bralette

Floral Lace Bralette

Red Frill Crop Top

Rosenthal Navy Satin Puff Sleeve Crop Top

Halterneck Asymmetrical Hem Crop Top

Black Denim Crop Boxy Jacket

Off White Ribbed Crop Cami


It's been a long year of no social gatherings and no where to dress up to apart from La Living Room to La Dining Room and if we're lucky to Back Door De Garden. It's not a surprise that Sparkle and Glitter is projected as one of Spring Fashion for 2021. As lockdown is slowly lifting and meet ups are allowed, it's time to shine and sparkle!

Gold Metallic Sequin Effect Box Top

Black & Navy Sequin Maxi Dress

Black Bandeau Embellished Dress

Sequin Stripe Skirt

Beckery Navy Sequin Bodycon Dress

Pink Beaded Dress


Net or Netting is any textile in which the yarns are fused, looped or knotted at their intersections, resulting in a fabric with open space between the yarns. I believe this was a trend back in the 90s when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, I didn't keep any of my outfits.

Midriff Flossing; the concept is quite simple. It is strings attached to a crop top, skirt, trousers, dresses or even swim wear, and wrap around the waist as many times as you like. The strings resemble that of the dental floss and hence its name.

Check out some of these fashions :

Crochet Net Dress

Drawstring Waist Net Top

Katniss Black Frill Blouse

Ruffle Trim Knit Top

Hollow-Out Tassel Trim Net Skirt

Double V Neck Open Knit Net Top

Criss Cross Tie Back Floss Top

Side Floss Trousers

Joyfunear Twist Front Tie Dress

Ring Linked Halter Floss Bikini

Criss Cross Tie Back Shorts


Mono means one and Chroma means colour. So, a monochromatic outfit basically means an outfit in the same colour but of different shades. Black and white photography is the most prominent example of monochrome photography, as it represents subjects in varying shades of neutral gray, but includes no other colours. Perhaps this is one of the factors in influencing the fashion industry to create 'monochrome outfits' which is essentially in blocks of black and white. I personally quite like the contrast if the outfit is well designed.

Monochrome Maxi Dress

Black & White Printed Pleated Skirt

Phase Eight Black Contrast Maxi Dress

Ted Baker Sleeveless Collar Skater Dress

HotSquash Black Halter Neck Dress

Colour Blocked Crepe Gown


Perhaps the most sensible style to be adopted as we come out of lockdown. Unlike bell bottoms, wide leg / baggy trousers are of the same width from thighs, knees to calves. It can be baggy or maintained straight, tailored lines down the length of the leg. Sound to me like comfort and fashion all in one.

Modust Rust Buckle Detail Wide Leg Trousers

Azalea Floral Print Wide Leg Trousers

Mandy Dusty Pink Wide Leg Trousers

Black Check Wide Leg Trousers

Black Ribbed Wide Leg Trousers

Floral Print Wide Leg Trousers

Zara's Wide Leg Jeans

High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans


A corset was traditionally worn as an under garment to train the torso into a desired shape ( smaller waist, bigger bottom) or worn to support breasts. The fashion industry has since borrowed the term corset to refer tops to look like corsets but without acting as one. The modern corset varies from just tops or dress worn as outer garments.

Here are some corsets adapted to the modern fashion world.

Black Corset Frill Mini Dress

Variety of Corset Tops

Corset Story UK

Oh Polly Corset Tops

White Satin Sparkle Corset Top

Chocolate Bandage Mesh Corset Style Top

Blue Puff Sleeve Corset Top

Brown Leopard Print Satin Top

Black Co Ord Houndstooth Corset Top

How to get the latest Spring fashion in the UK?

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