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Posted on 01/06/23

Soccer Jerseys Are Much More

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and is undoubtedly a global sport, as people from all walks of life love to get immersed in the game's competitive nature. According to the latest FIFA Professional Football Report published in 2019, there were at least 3,903 professional clubs in existence, involved within 201 considered countries across the globe. Soccer is ‘The Beautiful Game’ for a reason.

Soccer kits have evolved significantly since the early days of the sport when players typically wore thick cotton Soccer jerseys, knickerbockers and heavy rigid leather boots. In the twentieth century, boots became lighter and softer, shorts were worn at a shorter length and advances in clothing manufacture and printing allowed Soccer jerseys to be made in lighter synthetic fibres with increasingly colourful and complex designs. With the rise of advertising in the 20th century, sponsors' logos began appearing on Soccer jerseys and replicas were made available for fans to purchase.

Soccer jerseys have become way more than just sporting attire, they have evolved into fashion items, supporter symbols and even collector items. Whether worn to announce the club you support or worn simply because the fashion culture of 2023 demands it, there are multiple reasons Soccer jerseys are so sort after and desirable nowadays. With the expansion in the number of clubs and development of design, Soccer jerseys are so unique and identifiable in the 20th century characterising each Soccer jersey with years of history at a glance.

Most Popular English Soccer Jerseys

The English Premier League is the world's richest football competition. Its wealth has attracted many top players to the league, which has helped the teams competing in it become incredibly popular worldwide. The Premier League’s ‘Big 6’ are extremely popular, selling Soccer jerseys all around the globe to millions of fans.

Tottenham Hotspur - 23 million fans

One of the many London City teams, The Lilywhites were established in 1882 and have found seen domestic success in 2 League Titles and 8 FA Cups. Currently, Spurs are captained by English superstar Harry Kane.

Arsenal - 37 million fans

The Gunners based in England’s capital city London have always been English royalty. Famously going undefeated the entire season in 2003-04, with star player Thierry Henry, granting them the title ‘The Invincibles’.

Liverpool - 39 million fans

The Reds have won domestic and major trophies, like UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Champions League title. In 2009, the club won its first major FIFA World Cup Title and two European cups in 2005 and 2019. Liverpool is the team with the second most championships at 19.

Manchester City - 40 million fans

2022-23 Premier League Champions. Founded in 1880, Manchester City is one of the oldest football clubs in the world. The team continues to find new ways to win games of football. Man City are dominating the world of football while crunching through the Champions League as a shape-shifting beast.

Chelsea - 49 million fans

The biggest London-based football club and six-time English first-division winners, also two-time European Cups winners. Chelsea is the only team in the history of football clubs who have won all 4 major European trophies twice.

Manchester United - 75 million fans

United are famous worldwide, with star players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney and the reign of Sir Alexander Ferguson. Man United were the first English club to win the Triple in 1999. Moreover, Man United has recorded achievements in the Champions League and Premier League crowns.

Classic Soccer Jerseys

These are vintage Soccer jerseys that will forever stand the test of time. Always being the favourites and most desirable year after year. For collectors, these most haves are the ultimate. Whether you're just starting to collect or you're a veteran, one of these must be the Soccer jersey you need.

Arsenal - Home, 2006

Possibly the most recognizable colour on a Soccer jersey ever. The dark burgundy will be forever associated with The Gunners. Such a simple design but it’s the colour choices that make this Soccer jersey unforgettable. A simple gold O2 logo on a burgundy shirt is all you need to make magic.

France - Home, 1998

The famous blue Soccer jersey the year France hosted the World Cup and beat Brazil in the final to win. The simple lines on the front of this Soccer jersey give it the perfectly unique and stylish look it needed to become one of the all-time greats. Forever paired with the 1998 World Cup champions.

Manchester United - Away, 1991

Easily the best Away kit ever designed. The crazy blue and white pattern on its own is fantastic but contrasted with the United red of the Sharp and Adidas logo and the red stitching around every seam just take this Soccer jersey to the next level. Forever one of the great Soccer jerseys.

Liverpool - Home, 1993

Adidas struck gold when designing this absolute beauty of a Soccer Jersey. The three pillars of the Adidas logo placed on the sides of the Soccer jersey somehow give the effect of the hands of the Soccer Gods lifting the players up to victory. One of the most icon design choices of any Soccer jersey, they just don't make them like this anymore.

Newcastle United - Home, 1995

You can’t get a more classic Kit than that of Newcastle United 1995. The Magpies’ unique black and white stripes are so identifiable as Newcastle United. This Soccer jersey has become so recognizable that the Newcastle Brown Ale logo itself has become a bit of a fashion icon with Geordie music sensation Sam Fender proudly using it in his branding.

UK Stores to Get Soccer Jerseys

If you’re looking to buy Soccer jerseys then think about shopping online from the UK. There are multiple stores based in the UK that specialise in Soccer jerseys. You can easily get international shipping from any UK online store with Forwardvia. Simply sign up for free with Forwardvia to receive a UK postal address that can be used at the checkout of any of these UK online stores.

Sports Direct

UK’s biggest sporting retailer always has the latest Soccer jerseys. If you’re looking for your team’s newest and most up-to-date kit, Sports Direct will be a good place to start. Sports Direct also stock Soccer boots, balls and all the soccer equipment you need.

Classic Football Shirts

Specialising in classic and vintage Soccer jerseys, Classic Football Shirts resell preloved jerseys. Take time to look through their full collection because you will find the gem you’ve been after. Stock is limited as is the nature of preloved clothing so be quick when you find the Soccer jersey you like.

Vintage Football Shirts

Much like the previous Vintage Football Shirts resell preloved Soccer jerseys. They have a massive collection dating back to the 70s, so vintage is definitely the word for it. Again, stock is limited so when you find the piece you like make sure to seal the deal.

Mystery Football Kit Co

Why not just get a surprise Soccer jersey? If you’re looking to add to your football shirt collection or want to help someone else grow their collection, get a Mystery Box from Mystery Football Kit Co. Browse the range of boxes, decide which is the right box for you, pick your size and rip open your Mystery Box with excitement and reveal the mystery.

Mystery Jersey

Again, if you can’t decide what Soccer Jersey will work best in your collection. Mystery Jersey works the same way as the previous. Simply select your size and get a Mystery Box full of surprise jerseys to put into your collection.

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