Pokemon Van Gogh: Crossover We Didn’t Ask For But Need

Posted on 29/09/23

Pokemon X Van Gogh

The Pokemon exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which opened September 28, includes a sneak peek at its unique Pikachu trading card. As you might anticipate, the Van Gogh Pikachu is made to appear as though the Dutch artist painted him. Even better, the trading card is free if you can travel there and visit in person. People have been flocking to get their hands on this unique card, ‘Pikachu with A Hat’. Videos showing frantic crowds of individuals snatching as much merchandise as they can have been shared online.

Six Van Gogh-inspired paintings of Pokemon make up the entire display. Among these is the Pikachu illustration found on the limited-edition trading card, which was influenced by Van Gogh's self-portrait Grey Felt Hat (1887). Sunflora is also hiding in a version of Van Gogh's well-known Sunflowers (1889) and Snorlax and Munchlax are lounging in a piece that was influenced by The Bedroom (1888). And of course, there is also merchandise. Prints of the art are available on items including T-shirts, cards and notebooks, some of which are offered for purchase online through the official Pokemon Centre online store.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Willem van Gogh, born on March 30, 1853, in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands, is widely celebrated as one of the most influential figures in the history of Western art. His tumultuous life, marked by intense passion and tragic struggles, left an indelible mark on the art world. Vincent van Gogh's name is synonymous with post-impressionism, and his legacy continues to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts and scholars around the globe.

Van Gogh's early years were marked by a profound sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to his art. Despite a lack of formal training, he displayed immense talent and an innate ability to capture the beauty of the world around him. His early works, like "The Potato Eaters," showcased a deep empathy for the rural working-class people, foreshadowing his lifelong fascination with the human condition.

Throughout his career, van Gogh's style evolved dramatically, reflecting his voracious appetite for experimentation. His iconic use of bold, vibrant colours, thick impasto brushwork and swirling dynamic compositions set him apart from his contemporaries. Some of his most renowned pieces, such as "Starry Night" and "Sunflowers," are celebrated for their unparalleled visual intensity and emotional depth.

However, Vincent van Gogh's artistic journey was fraught with personal challenges. He grappled with mental health issues throughout his life, which often manifested in periods of intense depression and anxiety. His struggles culminated in the infamous incident in which he famously cut off a portion of his own ear in 1888, during a period of severe emotional turmoil.

Photo: The Pokemon Company


Pokemon trading cards, often referred to as "Pokemon TCG" or "Pokemon cards," are a globally popular collectable card game that has captured the hearts of millions of fans since their introduction in 1996. These cards are an integral part of the Pokemon franchise, which encompasses video games, animated series, merchandise, and more, making it a cultural phenomenon that transcends generations.

Card Types and Gameplay

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is played between two players who use decks of Pokemon cards to battle each other. These decks consist of various card types, including:

Pokemon Cards: These cards represent different species of Pokemon and are the core of the game. Players use them to attack, defend, and strategize against their opponents.

Energy Cards: Energy cards power Pokemon's attacks and abilities. They come in various types, matching the different Pokemon types (e.g., Fire, Water, Psychic), adding a strategic element to the game.

Trainer Cards: Trainer cards provide special effects, such as healing Pokemon, drawing extra cards, or disrupting an opponent's strategy.

Collecting and Rarity

One of the enduring appeals of Pokemon cards is their collectability. Each card has a rarity level, with common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare cards making up the hierarchy. The most coveted cards, such as holographic and promotional cards, are often sought after by collectors and can fetch high prices in the secondary market.

Expansion Sets

The Pokemon TCG regularly releases expansion sets, introducing new Pokemon, gameplay mechanics, and artwork. Each set typically includes a mix of new and reprinted cards, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving game environment. Collectors and players alike eagerly anticipate these releases to expand their collections and adapt their strategies.

Competitive Play

Beyond casual play and collecting, the Pokemon TCG also has a competitive scene. Players can participate in tournaments, ranging from local events to the Pokemon World Championships. Skilled players strategically build their decks, compete in tournaments, and vie for prestigious titles and prizes.

Artistry and Design

Pokemon cards are renowned for their captivating artwork. Talented illustrators bring the various Pokemon to life, each card a miniature work of art. This visual appeal enhances the collectable aspect, as many fans appreciate the cards for both their gameplay utility and their aesthetic value.

Pokemon trading cards have become a beloved aspect of the Pokemon universe, captivating fans of all ages with their blend of collectability, strategy, and artistic appeal. Whether you're a collector, a competitive player or simply a fan of the Pokemon world, these cards offer a gateway to a world of adventure and excitement.

Get Yourself Pokemon Van Gogh

With every purchase from the Pokemon Van Gogh collection, you receive a limited-edition Pikachu playing card. There are many Pokemon products available that have a style reminiscent of the Dutch artist, from notebooks to T-shirts and card sleeves to mouse pads, all featuring artwork in the style of Van Gogh. You can easily order from the UK official online Pokemon store, just simply sign up for free to Forwardvia to receive a UK postal address to use at any UK online store checkout. Forwardvia is the UK's leading parcel forwarding service, purchase from any online store based in the UK and receive your items quickly and securely with no hassle.

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