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Posted on 26/07/20

Lights are one of the many things that our world revolves around. Whether it be a basic candle or a fancy chandelier, we need it to see.

But why is it important? It is important because, as well as it being needed for us to see, it is an important aspect of interior design, it creates an atmosphere, mood, and ambiance of a living space. Having a room illuminated creates a safe and comfortable environment. Lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room.

How do you know what good lighting is?

  • Contrasts cause glare. Glare is not caused by the level of lighting but contrasts between dark and light
  • Over-illumination causes stress.
  • Multiple light sources open up space. A single powerful light source will make a room seem smaller than a room with multiple light sources. A room with lighting coming in from the outside will seem larger and more inviting. Whereas a room with a lamp in the middle will seem claustrophobic and isolated.

How do you create good lighting in a room?

  • Add a dimmer – adding a dimmer allows for you to control the intensity of the lighting and creates a more customisable feeling to your room.
  • Have at least 3 sources of lighting – for example an overhead main light, a specific desk light and an ambiance light (decorative lighting like fairy lights or fake candles)
  • Use LED – this is a very energy efficient. You can also have access to the whole spectrum of colours which you can change to fit the mood of the room
  • Add reflective surfaces – adding a mirror or a glossy or a glossy surface or floors will allow the light to bounce off the surface. This will make the room seem larger.
  • Light the dark corners of your room – Closets, cupboards, shelves, counters when lit can be more practical and beautiful when properly lit.

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