Guide to bargains on Depop

Posted on 15/02/20

Step 1. Do your research.

I’m sure you already have an idea of what you’re looking to buy. Whether it be a brand-new pair of shoes or a second-hand urban outfitters jacket, Depop is the place to go. However, it is important to do the right research before buying from a Depop seller. Of course, you don’t want to be buying a used item for the retail price. Therefore, there’s no harm in checking how much the item originally costs so that when you buy, you know you’re getting a bargain.

Step 2. Finding the items.

You can use the filter to find items within your price range. Click on filter, then price and then change the price to how much you’re willing to spend. Once you find the items you like the most, save or like the items so that they’re all in one place. To like and item just double tap the image, and to save the item, press the small bookmark icon underneath the photo.

Step 3. Messaging the seller.

Look over all the items you’ve gathered by either saving or liking the photos. Decide which ones you like the most and then message the seller for a reasonable price. Click on the small envelope icon below the photo. Remember to keep in mind that you wouldn’t sell a £200 pair of shoes for £10, so the seller wouldn’t be inclined to do the same. Don’t offer unreasonable prices. If you’re not too sure on how low to go, sometimes it helps to message the seller asking, ‘what’s the cheapest price you can sell for?’ and they might suggest a discounted price.

Step 4. Seal the deal.

When they reply, make sure to stand your ground and although they’ll have the same mindset, be polite and firm. There’s only so much you can do when it comes to getting the price you want and sometimes you may have to settle for paying slightly more than what you wanted. But if you’re not willing not pay extra, politely decline it. If you don’t end up buying their item, look elsewhere on the app to find another similar item and message the seller enquiring the same thing. Once the item is bought, provide your UK address you received from ForwardVia and make payment to the seller. Once ForwardVia receive the package, ForwardVia will notify you and ship to you.

What is Depop and how to shop?

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