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How can I get free UK address to shop and ship to China?

Our answer to you is For­ward­Via. Cus­tomers in Chi­na love that their UK address with For­ward­Via allows them to buy from the UK and ship to Chi­na. UK For­ward­ing to Chi­na has nev­er been eas­i­er with For­ward­Via. Get great deals on design­er hand­bags, lat­est and lim­it­ed edi­tion fash­ion acces­sories and cloth­ings, make-up, leather acces­sories, British gro­ceries and more! 

We pro­vide you with an unique UK address and free stor­age in our UK ware­house for you to shop at any UK and Euro­pean stores. Sim­ply use your For­ward­Via address as your mail­ing address when­ev­er you buy items on any British and Euro­pean web­sites. Have your items shipped to your UK address and we will noti­fy you when your items arrive. Then log in the For­ward­Via web­site, fill out the item details and val­ue, and your par­cel is ready for shipping.

You can choose from mul­ti­ple major Car­ri­ers we offer, includ­ing DHL Express, UPS, Roy­al Mail, DPD and Land­mark BPost via EMS. These are reli­able, secure ship­ping Car­ri­ers at rea­son­able cost. We then arrange to ship it to your door step in Chi­na.

Why use ForwardVia to ship to China?

  • If the UK and Euro­pean online stores do not deliv­er to your Inter­na­tion­al address

  • If stores do not accept your card payment

  • Com­bine your goods and ship in one or mul­ti­ple box­es to save on ship­ping cost

  • Access to the best qual­i­ty British and Euro­pean goods not avail­able in your country

  • 30 days free stor­age comes as stan­dard, so you can shop and ship when you are ready

How can I get a free UK address and shop?

It is easy, all you need to do is to sign up with For­ward­Via and you will receive an unique UK address. What’s more you can sign up free, no cred­it or deb­it card need­ed and no set up fee. Sim­ply use your For­ward­Via address as your mail­ing address when­ev­er you buy items on UK and Euro­pean websites. 

Have your items shipped to For­ward­Via and we will noti­fy you when your items arrive. Then log in the For­ward­Via web­site, declare the item details and val­ue. You’ll save mon­ey over oth­er ser­vices because For­ward­Via has many ship­ping options into Chi­na. You can select a car­ri­er and pay to ship your items to China.

Does ForwardVia offer fast shipping to China?

We offer many fast ship­ping options from the UK to Chi­na, includ­ing
exclu­sive For­ward­Via car­ri­ers. No oth­er ser­vice gives you more choic­es when ship­ping pack­ages from the UK to China. 

You get to choose from a list of Car­ri­ers we offer. Once cho­sen, For­ward­Via pre­pare your par­cel and export doc­u­men­ta­tion for ship­ping. All our tracked deliv­ery comes with free £50 ship­ping insur­ance cov­er. This is a peace of mind cov­er should any­thing goes wrong on transit. 

Your cho­sen Car­ri­er will then col­lect it from us for onward ship­ping to your door step. The entire process can be com­plet­ed with­in 5 days from receipt to deliv­ery to your door, sub­ject to Car­ri­er and local cus­tom pro­cess­ing time. Be sure to prop­er­ly declare your items for the smooth pro­cess­ing through customs. 

What can I purchase from UK and ship to China?

  • It is vir­tu­al­ly lim­it­less of what you can buy from the UK and Euro­pean retailers 

  • You can buy gro­ceries from super­mar­ket, new and even used goods from eBay

  • How about shop­ping for lim­it­ed realease sneak­ers from Supreme, Balen­ci­a­ga, Adi­das, and For­ward­Via send it to China

  • Car parts, musi­cal instru­ments gui­tar, key­board, antiques, hob­by craft, col­lec­table toys and mag­a­zines, DVDs, auto­graphed album, you name it and we ship it

  • What’s more if you unable to pur­chase it for any rea­son, then For­ward­Via can help pur­chase it for you using our Assist­ed Purchase

  • You can use dif­fer­ent names, add to your address when order­ing from UK stores to buy multiple

  • There are also goods that are pro­hib­it­ed that you can­not ship using For­ward­Via and restrict­ed goods with lim­it­ed ship­ping lia­bil­i­ty. See here for guide.

Where can I shop using ForwardVia's UK address?

Here are some of the UK online shops you can purchase and let us ship to China. Of course you can purchase from virtually any UK and European online stores

Get cheap, reliable UK forwarding service from the UK to China

Prices of the ship­ping from the UK to Chi­na are very afford­able. Tra­di­tion­al freight for­warders charge astro­nom­i­cal fees for reship­ping goods. Most of them do not accept small parcels or low vol­ume ship­ping. At For­ward­Via we have no such lim­its, we for­ward from small pack­et of few grams to large item weigh­ing few hun­dreds kilograms. 

We are proud to offer one of the cheap­est for­ward­ing rates in the UK. In fact, we are the only UK for­warder that pro­vide low cost, local post or EMS ser­vice using Roy­al Mail for pack­ages up to 2 kg, and Land­mark BPost for up to 30 kg. The esti­mat­ed costs and deliv­ery time can be cal­cu­lat­ed using our ship­ping cal­cu­la­tor.

The price of the ship­ping depends main­ly on the dimen­sions of the pack­age, its weight, and the deliv­ery method you choose. To low­er the price to a min­i­mum, choose slow­er deliv­ery meth­ods like Roy­al Mail Econ­o­my, which is a ser­vice with­out track­ing. The high­er cost meth­ods like DHL Express and UPS are suit­able for those that want to enjoy the con­tent of the pack­age as soon as pos­si­ble. The deliv­ery from the UK to Chi­na usu­al­ly takes around 5 busi­ness days with express meth­ods and 10 to 30 busi­ness days with cheap­er, econ­o­my’ methods.

For­ward­Via is always here to help. You can find most com­mon­ly asked ques­tions here or sim­ply, con­tact us at help@​forwardvia.​com

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