Ser­vice Update

Some shipping services are affected by the current unprecedented situation

ForwardVia is operating as usual

For­ward­Via is oper­at­ing as usu­al dur­ing this unprece­dent­ed sit­u­a­tion with Covid-19. We are work­ing hard to get your goods ship to you worldwide.

Due to the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion, some Car­ri­ers have tem­po­rary sus­pend­ed ser­vice and intro­duced sur­charges to cer­tain coun­tries. This is chang­ing rapid­ly on dai­ly basis. This is unfor­tu­nate­ly out­side our control. 

The Car­ri­ers, DHL, Fedex, UPS, DPD, Roy­al Mail, Land­mark informed us that there will be inevitable delay with par­cel deliv­ery espe­cial­ly in affect­ed regions. We ask you our cus­tomer to allow ample time for delivery. 

See below for the more information.


Roy­al Mail and Land­mark have informed us that there is sig­nif­i­cant delay with deliv­ery. It is due to lack of staff pro­cess­ing it, local gov­ern­ment pri­ori­tis­ing move­ment of essen­tial goods and dif­fi­cul­ty in get­ting Car­ri­ers to trans­port it. Roy­al Mail uses your local postal net­work for deliv­ery and some local deliv­ery net­work in your coun­try are also fac­ing severe disruption. 

For Roy­al Mail and Land­mark ser­vices allow up to 12 weeks delivery. 

For DHL, Fedex World­wide you may see up to 1 — 3 busi­ness days of delay. 

To Euro­pean coun­tries via UPS, DHL and DPD, please allow addi­tion­al 5 — 10 busi­ness days due to BREX­IT dis­rup­tion. These are only esti­mates, the Couri­ers are unable to guar­an­tee the deliv­ery date.


Land­mark and Roy­al Mail have sus­pend­ed ship­ment to cer­tain coun­tries. If you’re order­ing ship­ment of your par­cel, you will only be pre­sent­ed with options that are avail­able. Oth­er­wise, you can use our ship­ping cal­cu­la­tor to check. 

Update 07/05/21:
DPD ser­vice is not avail­able to Europe. See our ship­ping cal­cu­la­tor for update.


Emer­gency sur­charges have been added to the ship­ping rates. Roy­al Mail and Land­mark have added sur­charge to many Inter­na­tion­al des­ti­na­tions. The ship­ping rates are avail­able using our online ship­ping cal­cu­la­tor. The ship­ping rates you see is what you pay (exclud­ing VAT and local import tax, if applicable).


From 1st Jan 2021, goods going into EU will require dec­la­ra­tion of goods and val­ue. It will then be sub­ject­ed to import clear­ance includ­ing tax and duty impose by EU cus­tom. Click here to see more infor­ma­tion. Due to addi­tion­al check and paper­work, all Couri­ers have added sur­charge or increased the ship­ping cost to Euro­pean coun­tries and this has caused addi­tion­al delay. For the cost, we had no choice but to pass on the cost to our customers.

EU also imposed impor­ta­tion of cer­tain goods, in par­tic­u­lar ani­mal or plant based prod­ucts. There­fore no food, med­ica­tion or plant allowed into the EU coun­tries. If your ship­ment con­tain these goods, it will be returned to us at your cost. You will need to inform us to remove it pri­or to dis­patch­ing from our ware­house. For more infor­ma­tion, please see our FAQ here.